Distraction Anyone?

Monday, April 6, 2020

This week means publication for me. Months ago, life was normal and we were all going about our business. Today, the world looks like a completely different place. We are locked in, but I am using the time to work, as well as complete several projects that were outstanding.

The only thing that makes me feel like publishing a book is a worthwhile pursuit is the fact that people need to take their minds away from reality, even for a little bit. It is my hope that The Pain of Things provides some well-needed distraction for my readers.

This book is different from the other two in the In Medias Res series but it is just as good, so enjoy when it 's available on Friday!


Roger Blythe has a reputation for being here today and gone tomorrow. That's fine with Corinne Walker, until he decides to take their relationship to the next level.

Corinne's cycle of dating men who have no chance of touching her heart has kept her sane over the years. Roger's turnaround unsettles her, because just when she considers changing the way she lives, his secret life threatens to destroy everything they're building together.

When her past and future collide, Corinne has two choices. Run away from what could be a repeat of the devastation that has gone before, or stay and fight for what her heart says is right for her.

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Amazon US ✍️https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0868XVD6Y
Amazon CA ✍️https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0868XVD6Y
Amazon UK ✍️https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0868XVD6Y

The Pain of Things is Coming

Friday, March 27, 2020

On April 10, the Pain of Things will be released through Garden Avenue Press. The purchase links are not yet available, but if you'd like to be in the running for an e-copy of the book and a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card, follow me on the platform of your choice through the Rafflecopter. Be sure to get your entries in!

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Cover Reveal - The Pain of Things

Friday, February 28, 2020

Check it out! 😍😍😍 Today's the cover reveal for the third book in the In Medias Res series. I love it. What about you?

Author: J.L. Campbell
Title: The Pain of Things (In Medias Res #3)
Release: April 10, 2020
Buy links: coming soon

Roger Blythe has a reputation for being here today and gone tomorrow. That's fine with Corinne Walker, until he decides to take their relationship to the next level.

Corinne's cycle of dating men who have no chance of touching her heart has kept her sane over the years. Roger's turnaround unsettles her, because just when she considers changing the way she lives, his secret life threatens to destroy everything they're building together.

When her past and future collide, Corinne has two choices. Run away from what could be a repeat of the devastation that has gone before, or stay and fight for what her heart says is right for her.

Sunday Sample - Retribution

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Here's an oldie, but goodie. I've switched up the cover of Retribution because it was time. Enjoy this sample ...

Xavier didn’t care if Justine was married. That made her off-limits, which worked for him because his gut told him she’d do even more damage if he opened himself to her a second time. 

He was now as close as he could come to being happy. He needed nothing to add to his wellbeing except a relationship with his son, which might prove ticklish to manage. While he was getting to know Emile, Xavier would find out whatever he needed to know about Justine’s situation.

 He waited a few more seconds then decided that since she didn’t plan to do anything for them to get better acquainted, he had to do it himself.

“So Emile, tell me some of the stuff you like to do.”

“Running, riding my bicycle, swimming, watching TV, drumming.” He took his mother to task with a frown. “But Mommy won’t let me have any drums. She can’t handle the noise with both drums and a guitar.”

Xavier put aside the question he wanted to ask and let his smile spread from within to without. “I teach kids music.”

Emile sat forward, both hands on the table, eyes open to capacity. “Really?”

Xavier nodded, ignoring the ice chips flowing off Justine.

“Cooooool!” Emile’s head snapped toward Justine. “Mom, can I have lessons?”

“I, uh…I’ll think about it.”

Emile slouched, folded his arms, and pouted. “You let Yolanda get lessons, so why can’t I have some too?”

“You don’t stick with anything for long.”

“Mom!” The word stretched into three syllables. “You know I like the drums. Kevin’s father got him a set and the only time I get to practice is at his house. Why can’t I—?”

“That’s enough,” Justine said. A look passed between mother and son, after which Emile pushed back his chair from the table, scrunched down further in the seat and blinked hard a few times.

“It wouldn’t cost you,” Xavier said.

“That’s not the point,” she snapped.

“What is the point, Justine?”

She concentrated on something over his shoulder. “I don’t want…”

“You owe me,” Xavier whispered, leaning forward.

“I don’t owe you anything,” she hissed back.
Xavier licked his lips and prayed for patience. “This can be easy or nasty. Your choice.”

She pulled her hand into a fist, staring at the tablecloth.

He sighed, rubbing his forehead. “You have to deal with this. I’m not going to disappear. Matter of fact, I don’t care what you do, as long as I get to see Emile.”

She winced, as though he’d hit her, but said nothing. He quashed the sympathy stirring inside him. She was selfish and thoughtless. Why should he care about her feelings?

To read more, check out Retribution here on Amazon

You Beneath Your Skin - A Haunting Debut

Saturday, December 28, 2019

47634028. sy475 Damyanti Biswas has written a haunting tale that will remain with this reader for a while. She has crafted a story with a large cast of characters that are all integral to the storyline. 

What starts off as a mystery for the police, wherein women are murdered and disfigured, strikes close to home when Anjali Morgan becomes the victim of an acid attack. At the time, Anjali is dealing with her issues, including an autistic son and an affair with police commissioner, Jatin Bhatt.

Biswas takes the reader on a heart-wrenching inside journey into Indian culture and society. The various threads in the story eventually come together in a realistic, but heart-breaking way. 

I am hoping to see Jatin Bhatt again, since there are some unresolved situations that weigh heavily on him at the close of the novel. 

You Beneath Your Skin was beautifully written despite the ugliness of several subject matters. I’ll be looking out for more from Ms. Biswas, whose proceeds from this book will help to benefit women in India who have suffered acid attacks.

Source: I purchased a copy of You Beneath Your Skin on Amazon.

Sunday Sample - DNA

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Today's sample comes to you from DNA, which is coming in January. 

At the sound of his voice, Troy looked up and Junior lowered the tablet. The apprehension in his eyes squeezed Amoy’s heart. She swallowed hard, wishing with her whole heart that the man she married wasn’t such a sneak, and that she had even the whisper of a plan to put things right between them.

Russ laid his hand on top of hers, which rested on her knees. “We didn’t tell you that we’ll be moving away for a while. To Miami.”

Troy pumped his fists. “Wow! When?”

In a few months.

 “But … ” Troy looked at Junior over his shoulder, then back at his father. “What about Grandpa and our friends?”

“All of us?” Junior blurted and sat forward, his gaze swiveling between Russ and her.
Russ’s hesitation was barely perceptible, but it like a dart piercing Amoy.

He nodded, then glanced at her.

Amoy didn’t look at him, but felt him shift. Her insides were shattering in tiny pieces as anxiety shrouded her son. He’d always been her joy. Bright and bubbly. Now, because of something she didn’t know she’d done, he was turning into an insecure shadow of himself.
She let her gaze go to Junior as Russ explained the situation. Junior kept his eyes on her and instinctively, she pulled her lips into a smile to reassure him. Hard to do, since she didn’t know whether she was coming or going.

“ … not necessary for you to know all of that now.”


“Don’t argue. That’s all you need to know this minute.”

Frowning, Amoy wondered what she’d missed.

Russ directed a glare at Junior that had him lowering his eyes to his lap. When his lips trembled, Amoy pulled her hand away. “Junior, go to your room.

“We’re not finished yet,” Russ said, his tone tight.


Russ overrode her words. “Like I said, we’re not done.”

Using the side of his fist, Junior swiped at his cheek and curled in on himself.

Troy sat on his heels staring at them, his brows wrinkled.

Exhaling on a loud tide, Amoy counted to five. Her gaze swept both boys, then under her breath she said, “Can’t you see what you’re doing—”

“You wanted us to have this talk.” The flash of annoyance in his eyes was unmistakable. “That’s what I’m doing, if you’d let me.”

She studied him sifting through the range of emotions she witnessed—anger, disgust, frustration. Keeping her voice even, she said, “I’m only trying to help.”

“I don’t need your help,” he ground out. His jaw flexed as he continued. “You’ve done enough already.”

Her eyes widened and the air rushed from her chest. She pulled her head back. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Mommy, you said a bad word.”

Troy was on his feet, pointing at her. “You said a—”

“Yes, honey.” She got up, throwing Russ a bad look. Lowering her voice, she added, “Mommy’s sorry.”

As her attention turned to Junior, who sniffed and rubbed a tear off the tablet screen. 

Holding out her hand toward him, she said, “Junior, let’s go.”

Amoy circled the sofa, leaving Russ sitting with both elbows on his knees and his hands clasped in front of his mouth. She sent him a glare that said she wasn’t finished with him. Not by a long shot.

King of Evanston

Friday, December 6, 2019

December 3 marked the start of another literary journey for me. The King of Evanston went live. The reviews have been positive so far and the book was also selected for a feature by Apple books! So about the King of Evanston ...



Shaz Bostwick’s personal views and business ethics collide when Camilla Gibson walks into his office, seeking his help. The treatment her daughter needs is available in Chicago, but Camilla is almost out of time and has several issues working against her. 

Raised as an immigrant, Shaz knows the heartache of family separation firsthand. In a race against the clock and the authorities, he calls in favors but receives a disturbing offer. Let baby Ayanna slip through the cracks in exchange for a handsome reward. Fed up with politicians and businessmen with too much money and too little scruples, Shaz and his fellow Kings of the Castle band together to stem the flow of illegal adoptions, while they solve the mystery of who wants their mentor dead.

Camilla Gibson has traveled the world in her capacity as an adventurer, sometime model, and blogging celebrity. In her eyes, the charming, but tough lawyer is her last resort before deportation. Shaz is smart and tenacious, with renowned negotiating skills and a reputation for making a way when there seems to be none. If she can get past the biggest crisis in her life, then maybe the spark of attraction that sizzles between them will develop into something magical.


Each King book is a standalone, NO cliffhangers

USA Today, New York Times, and National Bestselling Authors work together to provide you with a world you'll never want to leave. The Castle.

Fate made them brothers, but protecting the Castle, each other, and the women they love, will make them Kings. Their combined efforts to find the current Castle members responsible for the attempt on their mentor’s life, is the beginning of dangerous challenges that will alter the path of their lives forever.

These powerful men, unexpectedly brought together by their pasts and current circumstances, will become a force to be reckoned with.

Book 1–Kings of the Castle (the introduction to the series)
Book 2–King of Chatham
Book 3–King of Evanston
Book 4–King of Devon
Book 5–King of Morgan Park
Book 6–King of South Shore
Book 7–King of Lincoln Park
Book 8-King of Hyde Park
Book 9– King of Lawndale

Kings of the Castle is Live!

Monday, November 25, 2019

What people are saying ...

This book had me ready to read all the other books in one night!! This foundation was laid so well that I read it in one day and I will read it again before the next book comes out. These guys have all kinds of things going on in their personal life but still find time to help others and fall in love! This is definitely a must read!


After an assassination attempt on their mentor, nine powerful men, are snatched from their successful lives and unexpectedly brought together by their pasts and current circumstances. Each one accepts the challenge to take on human trafficking, dirty politicians, the Russian mafia, American crime lords, and businessmen with their own sordid agendas as they bring The Castle back to its original humanitarian purpose.

Shaz, Dro, Grant, Jai, Daron, Kaleb, Vikkas, Reno, and Dwayne find that fate made them brothers, but protecting the Castle, each other, and the women they love will make them Kings.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors work together to provide you with a world of romance, suspense, and contemporary fiction, where you'll never want to leave.



Apple Books



The Heart of Things

Sunday, November 24, 2019


“I want us to have a baby.”

The sun’s rays slanted across the polished, hardwood flooring in the living area of the suite, heralding the new morning. We’d been up for an hour and ordered room service for breakfast because I needed the privacy of our room for this discussion.

The forkful of fish in Doug’s hand stopped halfway to his mouth, before he rested it on the plate. He squinted and then asked, “What did you say?”

My back stiffened as I answered, keeping a neutral tone. “You heard me.”

Doug looked at the plate as if he wasn’t sure he wanted the rest of the bammies and escoveitched fish, but the golden-brown cassava and the batter-fried fish—heaped with onion and pepper, steeped in vinegar—was a favorite of his. He picked up the cup of coffee next to his hand, sipped, and put it back on the saucer. Then he cleared his throat, but the puzzlement in his gaze was obvious.

This was the first time I’d ever seen him thrown way off balance. I was almost sorry for him.

“That was the last thing I expected you to say.” He waited a beat before asking, “Why?”

With one eyebrow raised, I said, “Why not?”

He sighed, rested his arms on the table, and frowned. “My kids are almost grown and…”

My raised eyebrow reduced his words to a trickle. Monique and Kimone—nineteen and seventeen—were as unalike as chalk and cheese. I didn’t doubt that marrying Doug would mean interesting times ahead.

Folding my arms, I cocked my head. “So the girls are adults. Your point is?”

He spread his hands while his frown deepened. “That’s just it. What am I going to do with a baby?”

I let my hands fall to the table and pulled my head back while the

bottom fell out of my stomach and my appetite disappeared. “I beg your pardon?”

With another heavy sigh, Doug continued, “All I’m saying is that I’m forty-six years old and…”

My patience ran out and I snapped, “I know how old you are.”

He stared into the cup, while I studied the ring on my finger. I still wasn’t ready to give up my new-found independence after my divorce, but I also knew Doug was serious about wanting to marry me. I hadn’t refused the ring he put on my finger last night and in both our minds that spelled acceptance.

I loved Doug, but we couldn’t have a relationship without give and take.

“Kally.” I looked into his troubled eyes as he spoke. “Have you thought about all the implications?”

My lips twisted and I reminded myself that I needed to be conciliatory rather than combative. “Of course.”

He laid a hand on his chest, which lifted in a deep inhale. “You never said anything.”

My voice turned sharp when I said, “I don’t tell you everything.”

“Yeah, but something this big…” He gazed through the plate glass at the street below, where traffic was already bumper to bumper. With one hand, he rubbed the stubble on his jaw.

Meanwhile, his behavior made me want to wring his neck. Instead, I tried reasoning with him. “Last night you said I could have anything I wanted if I married you. This is what I’m asking.”

Doug’s eyes narrowed as he stroked his moustache. “Khalila, that’s…”

I raised both brows. “Is ‘bribery’ the word you’re looking for?”

“Yes.” He rested both hands on either side of his plate and let out his breath in a gust.

“Call it what you will.” I dragged my fork over the fish on my plate, before adding, “That’s what I want.”

Buy Link - https://www.amazon.com/Heart-Things-Medias-Res-Book-ebook/dp/B07PF2VW8D/

Sunday Sample - The Blind Shot

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Any other man would have wondered what he'd gotten himself into after Gina's shenanigans yesterday, but not me. Somewhere along the way, I'd lost my usual cautiousness. Maybe my heart too, but now wasn't the time to examine that thought closely.

I sat in front of my laptop talking to my mother via Skype. My father had said hello, found out how I was and then disappeared. He wasn't into technology as much as my mother. Her interest mainly had to do with tracking my brother and me wherever we were on the globe.

Gina had jetted past the screen briefly, and my mother went silent. Now I waved at Gina to move from where she sat at the table to join me on the other side of it. "Bring your chair," I said.

When she sat, Gina waved at the screen. "Good day, Mrs. Danquah."

My mother smiled, like the gracious woman she was, but I knew she was taken aback. "Hello, young lady."

"Mama, her name is Gina."

"Where is she from?"

"She's sitting right here, Mama. You can ask her."

"Sorry. Where are you from, young lady?"


"It is nice to meet you." Mama's sharp eyes settled on me. "Kofi, where are you?"

"We're in Jamaica."
Mama gave away nothing as her gaze shifted to Gina and returned to me. "You did not think it was important to let me know you were leaving Miami?"

"I thought I told you. I must have forgotten."


Her response could mean anything from acceptance to displeasure over my lapse. I'd bet a hefty consultation fee it was the latter.

"So, when are you coming back to the States?"


Any other response would have prolonged her questions and from the curiosity in her eyes, Mama was dying to ask who Gina was and why we were together. As if she didn't know.

After introducing Mama to a couple of women via Skype during my early days in university, I hadn't repeated that mistake. Until now, but I knew what I was doing.

Buy Link - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XD96RQV