Your Peace Is Important!

Friday, June 9, 2023

Life comes at us at a thousand miles per hour and it’s sometimes difficult to focus on what’s important. Stress manifests in the form of family, friends, associates and life situations. If we’re not careful, we lose our peace. There are, however, ways in which we can protect ourselves.

Boundaries: Not setting boundaries is the biggest crime we commit against ourselves. We say yes to everything and everyone, even when it’s inconvenient. We engage in activities that don’t benefit us and are left stressed and drained, plus regretting being dragged into something we didn’t want to do in the first place. 

It’s a hard but important lesson to learn—saying no, even when we feel guilty. I remind myself that life will go on and people do have options. I’m learning that boundaries protect my time, energy, and emotional space. It’s the only way I can focus on what means the most to me, and achieving my personal goals.

Self-Care: This is still a hard one for me. Years ago, a critique partner told me that my first responsibility is to my writing. I manage to forget that frequently. Anyhow, women will understand the tendency to take care of everyone else ahead of themselves. I’m trying to switch that up and re-learn how to relax and do the things that bring me joy. My body has a way of reminding me when I’m doing too much and not taking enough time to rest and replenish my wells of energy, healing, and general ‘feel goodness’.  

Restrict Company: As it was in the past, it is as important now to surround ourselves with the right people. It may not be possible if we live among toxic folks, but it is important to remember to set boundaries. Also, invite the people that need it, to explore therapy to help sort out their ish. These days, I try to avoid any interaction that stresses and keeps me on edge. With that said, it’s critical to cultivate a network of positive people, who encourage you to grow.

Stay Off the Internet: We underestimate the level of anxiety that comes to us through the steady diet of news and unnecessary drama from the internet. Limit exposure to negative news, social media drama, or any content that makes you anxious or uneasy. Take breaks from technology and engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation. 

Remember that protecting your peace is something you’ll work on each day. Think about what gives and/or reduces the peace and joy you feel. Whatever you need to do protect your peace, I say it’s well worth the effort. 


  1. And I intend to stay off the Internet for most of the remainder of June!

    1. Enjoy your down time. I'm trying to kick the habit of mindless scrolling.


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