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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

 Here’s hoping you had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration with your family. For me, it was a quiet day spent with the family. My son and I got up to some picture-taking shenanigans. It’s amazing the simple things we can enjoy without being out and about in those busy streets.

I’ve been quiet about my next literary adventure because I’ve been working on some other stuff. Work has been work and I’ve been battling sciatic nerve pain for a while. I believe I’m winning, and will continue to do the required exercises, move around more, and eat better.

So, to share a taste of what’s to come in Rory ... this story is about an unlikely couple – an event planner and a dancehall deejay. If you’re familiar with Jamaican culture and you’ve heard of Shaggy or Sean Paul, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, look up their music. Reggae is a whole vibe.

Here's the cover (scroll down a little), which I have not shared anywhere on social media as yet. This book was part of the Shades of Romance anthology which has been pulled from all platforms. This novel came about between 2018 and 2019 and I guess the time for it to be out in the world is now. The early reviews have been good, so I hope you'll also enjoy Rory when it's live!


Have you ever been drawn to someone you knew was wrong for you?

That’s Nasira’s dilemma after she wades through Rory McGregg’s fans and sits next to him on a flight. An accomplished dancehall deejay, he’s charming, self-assured, and has a certain vibe that’s hard to resist.

By the time they touch down in Jamaica, Rory has her number and a promise to see him again.

The after-party she says yes to coordinating turns into a rollercoaster ride of frustration and interference, thanks to his celebrity status and bad-boy reputation.

His lifestyle and circumstances make Nasira uneasy, but Rory’s heart is fixed. There’s nothing he won’t do to prove they’re right for each other.


On another note, if you haven't yet checked out From Stuck to Limitless, be sure to have a look at this collection of essays.

Do you still harbor hurt and pain from past experiences?

From Stuck to Limitless is an anthology featuring individuals who share their harsh truths about trauma and survival—from childhood sexual and mental abuse, adult traumas, and debilitating health issues.

Through such truth-telling, we learn we are not alone and that it is only by sharing that we can heal ourselves and give hope to others.

Don't miss out on this game-changer. From Stuck to Limitless will free your mind and lighten your spirit.


If you've made it this for, I have another feel-good read that coming up later in the year.

A rescue mission. A groom gone AWOL. A wedding at risk.

When “The Fixer” Alejandro ‘Dro’ Reyes vanishes on assignment, the Kings must do everything in their power to help one of their own make it to the altar on time.

Counting down the hours, five men and women stand by their promise to give the bride and groom the holiday wedding of their dreams. And when they give their word, they keep it. No matter what. Even if it takes a miracle to succeed.

Reserve your copy of Promise Me A MIracle for only 99 pennies!


Last, but not least, I'm planning more giveaways and exciting activities for Flames of Wrath, my thriller novel that is being published by Black Odyssey Media, so stay tuned for June updates on what's coming down the pipeline.

Take care of you and yours, and enjoy your reading!


  1. Congratulations on the upcoming release. Sorry about the sciatic nerve pain - my wife has battled that before.

  2. Thanks, Alex. It's a nuisance for sure.


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