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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Today is the day! I'm excited to have Flames or Wrath out in the world. 

It's not a book I saw myself writing before I came into the orbit of Black Odyssey Media. The story tested my writing skills, but I've been blessed in that I've yet to take on a genre that I couldn't wrangle into submission under my keyboard. 😂

So far the reviews have been good, and based on that, I have a feeling about this story. Wish me luck as I navigate a new landscape. 

The need to right a wrong against an innocent victim triggers a hailstorm of revenge.

 In less than twenty-four hours—before Alexia Leighton is scheduled to return to Miami from spring break in Jamaica—a group of friends betray her in a grisly assault that stops a heartbeat away from murder. The seventeen-year-old prays for the mercy of death. She survives.

 While on the road to recovery, Alexia's attackers become victims of mysterious acts of violence, leaving authorities confounded and racing against time to prevent another deadly attack. Concern looms, as the perpetrator has proven to be two steps ahead of them at every turn.

 When the attention swings to Alexia's mother, a cyber-security expert, the family closes ranks. Geneva Leighton must quickly eliminate herself as a suspect, but not without handing down more punishment. 

The offenders fear for their own safety and the secrets that plague them. Can they trust the police to find the killer before someone else dies, or has their fate been sealed—leaving them with no place to run, and no place to hide . . .

Be sure to get your copy!

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