The Enduring Role of Mothers in Books

Friday, May 12, 2023

On this Mother's Day weekend, first I'd like to wish all mothers and those who nurture other people's children a wonderful celebration. 

Many writers have crafted impactful stories about mothers and their issues in navigating relationships while raising kids. Today, I'm featuring authors that have written books about mothers, their romantic exploits, struggles and triumphs. 

Here's hoping you enjoy this selection from some of my writing friends.

Audra is a nurturer. Her husband, Damon, is an involved father, but she's their primary caregiver based on an agreement they made early on to have her be a stay-at-home mother. She loves being a mother and homemaker and makes sure the kids are fed healthy meals, do their homework, and tucks them into bed at night.

Trope: Marriage in trouble 

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Adrienne is a protector of her son, Nicholas. His special needs require constant vigilance and Adrienne will protect him from everyone, even his father.

Trope:  Second chance love / Family Drama / Past mistakes

Nurturer and protector are apt descriptions for Alana Symone, who finds herself in a highly toxic environment. Rather than allow her child to be harmed, she protects her the best way she knows how.

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Trope: Romantic Suspense / Enemies to lovers


Reign's heartbreaking secrets forced her to end a passionate relationship with her soulmate, Devesh. She acts as a protector for her children and her role and storyline helped the writer, Naleighna Kai. relive the amazing times spent raising her only son, J. L. Woodson, who is an award-winning author.

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Trope: May-December Romance

The close relationship between this writing duo, is classic and is shared over most social media and in several books. J. L. Woodson followed his mother’s wisdom at fifteen when she said, “If you take a year and write this book, it will change your life.” What follows is an amazing journey of resilience, faith, challenges, and triumph.  Naleighna Kai, his mother, is a true nurturer who encourages her son to succeed even when the odds are stacked against him.
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Inspirational Memoir is written by J. L. Woodson

Annette is a therapist who doesn't have as good a handle as she should on her relationships. While she's a confidante to other people's children, she doesn't do such a good job with her own daughter. When she meets a client and is attracted to her father, Annette is all sorts of conflicted.  Sometimes, it takes a look at someone else's life to see the mess you've made of your own. 

Trope: Second chance romance / Family Drama 

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I hope you've enjoyed browsing these selections, all of which explore the bonds between parents and their children. 

Speaking of which, what special plans do you have for this weekend?

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