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Monday, October 20, 2014

This post is the 500th on this blog, which is quite a milestone!

Today's a busy day on the blog since I'm kicking off a blog tour and taking part in the Survive & Thrive Bloghop hosted by Stephen Tremp, Michael Di Gesu, Diane Wolfe, and Captain AlexThis effort is aimed at disease prevention and early detection of medical conditions that are treatable.
The Chikungunya Virus

In recent months, Jamaicans have been stricken by the Chikungunya virus. It is projected that 7 of 10 persons will eventually suffer from this infection, which has no known cure. Those infected are given painkillers to deal with the severe joint pains that limit movement. 

Many have come down with the virus because of lack of preparation. Public service announcements have been running for months to warn people about the carrier, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, and the fact that we need to eliminate mosquito breeding sites around the home.

As a result of not paying attention to these advisories, many are now suffering from the Chikungunya virus that has only entered the Caribbean within the last year, although it has been around since the 50s. One unique thing about the virus is that it exacerbates existing health conditions, causing complications that have led to death in a few cases. Jamaicans can find a joke in any situation and so when asked how they are doing, some persons will say they are recovering, having been shot by the 'Chikengunman'.

Where there are outbreaks of disease, my advice would be to educate yourself on the symptoms by listening to advisories, doing your own research and putting the things learned into practice. So far, I've been lucky to escape being bitten by the carriers and hope that with continued vigilance I'll stay healthy.

Thanks to H.R. Sinclair, I dredged up the energy for a blog tour and yes, it's one with a difference. The Island Adventure Blog Train will be making several stops (see sidebar) over the next couple of weeks, so do visit the stops when you have a minute. 

The series is made up of romantic suspense books that are set in the Caribbean. Each novel stands alone, but several characters appear more than once.

My first stop is with Christina C. Jones, contemporary romance writer. 

Come on over and let's get this party started! See what giveaways are up for grabs over at Christina's place.

Only a couple of weeks are left before the Who's Your Hero? Blogfest. It's as simple as the badge explains it, but if you're stumped for ideas, click here. Sign up below if you wanna play. My wonderful co-host is MichelleWallace and we'll be giving out three $5.00 Amazon vouchers. 

Are you anywhere near 500 posts on your blog? Participating in the Survive & Thrive Blog Hop? Signed up for the Who's Your Hero Blogfest?

Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today, I’m happy to be hosting Adura Oja, writer of lyrical works that makes me wish I had her talent. She’s here to share a little about her book, Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs.

Your book has a very interesting title. How did that come about?

There were three previous working titles that just didn’t sound right until Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs popped into my mind. The book is divided into three sections: Albumen, Yolk and Woman.  I wanted a title that reflected what the collection was about.

How would you describe the book?

‘Life’ is a collection of poems divided into three sections which echo and draw on stages of human consciousness and development: innocence and exposure, the shaping of consciousness and awareness.

Over what period did you compile the poems?

The collection came into being over a period of three years (2011-2014), writing, rewriting and editing until it was ready for publishing.
How long have you been writing?

I started writing in 2004. I was a Freelance columnist with the Sunday Independent, a Nigerian newspaper. Then I began blogging in 2008, and writing more. This is my first book as an author.
What's next for Adura Ojo?

I have a second poetry collection that’s brewing in my mind. It is in conceptualization as we speak. I also have two novels - works in progress.

What’s your advice to aspiring authors?

I’ve learned never to give up on my goals. I call them goals, not dreams. Goals are practical. You identify what you’re trying to achieve and then build steps toward it.  You carve bit by bit until you get there.

Would you like to share a poem?

Yes, certainly. Here is one called “Keys.”

Tired of folding creme anglaise
curdling to the chase
lemons lose their allure to tummy singing oysters
discordant chords of uncoordinated keys

what to give
is no longer for the taking
long disappeared before it was gone
a reminder of fantasies far away from dreams

painted tender, painted hot
brush strokes welting on sun kissed skin
the price of summer sin

weary bristles on papyrus
labour lost in the hope of us

©Adura Ojo 2014

From The collection: Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs - Adura Ojo
Published by LAFIA.

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Will You Tell Us About Yours?

Monday, October 13, 2014

My, how the months zip by! Before we know it, November will have stepped in. Have you signed up for this blogfest yet? If you're not doing NaNo, why not join us?

EVERYBODY has a hero/heroine. It can be real-life or a fictional hero/heroine.

Here is a list to get you thinking...
1.  The Perfect Hero
2.  The Misfit
3.  The Grizzled Old-Timer
4.  The Everyman
5.  The Anti-Hero
6.  The Prodigy
7.  The Loner Hero
8.  The Tragic Hero

I'm sure that's enough to get those creative juices flowing. You can write a story/flash fiction, share an anecdote, write a poem... remember, you are only limited by your imagination...

Join us if you have a hero you can tell us about in 300 words.

Three $5.00 Amazon gift cards will be given, based on the entries received.

If you're game, sign up on the sidebar.

The more, the merrier!!

You've heard it said ...

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.
                                            - William Congreve, English playwright

Dumped by her spouse of seventeen years, Annette McKellop has no choice but to adjust to life on her own. An accomplished social worker, she can't help but see the irony of treating clients who live parallel lives, disrupted by cheating men who leave broken families behind. Not that she intends to suck up her ex-husband's betrayal.

Her plans for revenge start out brilliantly, but instead of striking a blow for all wronged females, Annette's quest to get even with Xavier is all-consuming and leads down avenues where even the most reckless souls won't go.

Until she meets Roderick Minto—a man who is off limits. Her role as counselor to his daughter prohibits anything more than a platonic relationship, but Roderick has other ideas. As their relationship deepens and she does what is taboo, Annette questions the direction of her moral compass. Should she follow her heart and Roderick's leading? Is losing a second chance at love worth the relentless pursuit of a man who has moved on and isn't coming back?

Follow Annette's journey in Absolution, coming on November 1, 2014. You can pre-order at this link.