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Friday, January 27, 2023

To write and publish books, we writers need strong minds and willpower to get us through when things don’t go the way we plan.

In the middle of 2021, my former publisher returned the rights to a series with three books. Yes, the one I re-published today. Aside from my sweat equity – you know, re-reading, tweaking, etc., in a timely manner – that went according to plan, nothing else has.

The Zon still has not linked the three books into a series. Nor would they transfer the reviews, unless I eventually asked the publisher to do it. She graciously helped me out. So now, I am waiting to see what happens within the five days the Zon needed to complete this job.

Then there was that one upload and re-upload I did to satisfy the neurotic writer and editor that I am. Because I somehow used one word twice in a sentence while fiddling with the text. And then, when I was about to create the box set, I realized I didn’t have an updated version of Vellum to automate the job.

I did it manually the first time, then gave up on a repeat when the knowledge hit that I’d have to input all the Chapter numbers by hand. Again. So, I’m waiting for macincloud to fix me up so I can do what needs to be done to update the box set.

When I look at everything I did in one-and-a-half months, I confess to several moments of madness. But this is what I’ve always done. Assign too much stuff to complete in too short a time. Oh, the pressure. Self-inflicted, I readily admit.

So much happens in the background that readers will never be aware of, but we writers choose this life and we rally on to produce stories we hope readers will love.

Wish me luck on this re-publishing adventure!

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The Heart of Things – 

The Pain of Things - 

In Medias Res Box Set -

Parental & Personal Sacrifice

Tuesday, December 27, 2022


This book had me at the mention of South Africa and while I was apprehensive about what I’d find inside the covers, given what I know about Apartheid, I simply had to read it.

The novel opens with Yolanda Peterson, who is in the US but relives the trauma from an incident that took in her youth. Her mother’s entreaty for her to come home starts Yolanda on a journey that will bring her face to face with the daughter, and the unresolved parts of her history she left behind.

Meanwhile, in South Africa her daughter, Ingrid, discovers the mother she’s been told is dead is very much alive. Both Yolanda and Ingrid are searching for different parts of the same whole. While Yolanda seeks her missing mother, Ingrid is looking for the father who committed a crime under Apartheid by having a relationship and child with her mother. In reading A Conspiracy of Mothers, the title of Trevor Noah’s book (Born A Crime, which I haven’t yet read) made sense.

The actions of Yolanda’s mother and that of Ingrid’s father collide in a way that makes this story a page-turner. Both mothers will go to any lengths to protect their children and when the climax comes, several persons suffer.

A Conspiracy of Mothers provides insightful social commentary and explores how different people deal with the same situations. Some are broken by, and comply with, the circumstances of the day. Others refuse to be oppressed and repressed by their challenges. At the core of this tale, the themes of parental and personal sacrifice are highlighted in several ways.

The supernatural element makes this tale all kinds of interesting and was woven throughout in such a way as to be credible, given Yolanda’s mother’s background and culture. I enjoyed the setting and vivid pictures painted, as well as the lyrical language used by the author of this debut novel.

The realities of life in South Africa were starkly drawn and the writer shone a light on the systematic creation of different layers of a society by colour. This stratification was even brought to life by some incidents in the supernatural scenes.

If I was inclined to read a book more than once, this would be one I’d choose to re-read. If you enjoy history, exploring family dynamics, and a well-written tale, check out A Conspiracy of Mothers.  

The Blue Bar - A Cultural Adventure

Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Blue Bar opens with Tara Mondal engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with whoever is watching her trying to disappear from a train station in an allotted time frame of three minutes.

The reader also meets Inspector Arnav Singh Rajput, who is called to a crime scene that eventually clues the police in to the gruesome activities of a long-time serial killer.

Tara and Arnav were lovers, and her disappearance years ago has messed with his mind and brings thoughts of her to the fore as he tackles this case. They eventually meet again and she becomes integral to the mystery.

I found The Blue Bar an eye-opening read regarding some aspects of Indian culture—the food, the holidays, their significance, the ethnic groupings, and gang activities. Plus, the background of the dance bars, the economics around them, and the lives of those involved in that world.

Biswas weaves a tale that keeps the reader guessing and paints an intimate portrait of the main players. At the end, I felt as if I’d met many of the cast members and understood what made them tick. It’s also the story of an unlikely romance between Tara and Arnav. I found myself rooting for two characters whose life situation was a far cry from the other. So distant that Tara didn’t believe herself worthy of his affection and attention.

Determining which antagonist was the serial killer was hard to do as the author threw in red herrings, which meant piecing clues together about a range of players.

At the half-way mark, I was fully engaged in figuring out who was obstructing, helping, hiding information, and making people disappear. Tragedy touched Tara in the taking down of the criminals, but she also found happiness. As with crime novels, the bad guys got what they deserved and justice triumphed for most parties. Of course, as with life, the guilty party put up roadblocks to avoid paying for crimes.

The Blue Bar is a well-written, thought-provoking story that gives deep insight into what is a foreign culture for many. I enjoyed learning more about Bollywood culture, the nuances of the holidays as well as various deities.

Also, the way the human mind can be twisted in childhood by those who should know better plays a huge part in the story's plotlines and outcome.

Those who appreciate literary crime novels will love The Blue Bar.


Sample The Vet's Christmas Pet

Sunday, December 4, 2022

The fact that Jade thought she had to put on a brave face saddened me. No five-year-old child should have to pretend something didn't matter just to avoid upsetting her parent.

I swallowed my sigh and walked through the doorway, carrying one glass of Otaheite apple juice and one glass of water. "The patient is okay?" I asked.

Matthias nodded. "He's fine. Totally recovered." He slipped Jade a sideways glance and tugged her plait. "He'll be in good health if he sticks to doggie food."

She leaned her head back and smiled. "I already promised not to give him any more cake."

Tipping his head at the fish tank, Matthias said, "I hope you haven't been giving Phyllis cake either."

Jade rolled her eyes. "Of course not."

The phone rang, distracting Jade. She jumped off the sofa and picked up the handset, which she always did since she loved answering the phone.

I handed Matthias the glass of water, leaving the other on the table for Jade and paid attention when she said, "Hi, Daddy."

Her gaze slid sideways and then she said. "Yeah, me and Doc."

A few beats went by before she smiled. "He fixed up Ridley."

A hand went to her side. "Ridley is my dog."

When her brows crumpled, I wanted to take the phone from her. She put one hand across her stomach, reminding me of the way I stood when answering the phone—especially when I was in defensive mode.

"Mommy said I could have him."

Jade's tone pulled my head out of the clouds and I moved to where she stood and took the handset. "Dane. What's up?"

"Who's Doc and when did Jade get a dog?"

"We found him, and Doc—"

"You allowed Jade to keep a stray dog? How d'you know—"

"Calm down. Ridley isn't a health risk."

"When did you find time to go to veterinary school?"

This was the way it had been between us in the last few years. I'd had enough of him so I sighed, turning away from Matthias, who was too still to not be listening to me.

"What d'you want?"

"I was calling to let you know I'll be out of town this weekend, so I can't have Jade over on Friday."

"So what's new?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"This is the third time in a row you've cancelled your weekend—no, the one day you're supposed to spend with her."

"You know the job—"

I lowered my voice and stepped away from Matthias and Jade. "Whatever. Your job isn't supposed to be more important than your child."

"You're just trying to guilt me and by the way, who is that man you have over there?"

"That's none of your business and by the way, that's not me making you guilty. It's what's left of your conscience. Don't worry. I'll tell Jade you can't see her on Friday. Just like the last two times."

While he sputtered, I hung up the phone.

To find out what happens next, visit

Catching Up - Deal Report

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Hey, friends. Not sure how or why I neglected to share this bit of news on this plot of real estate, but for the record ... 

This journey has been a challenging, but rewarding one. Here's to moving in a new and exciting direction. 🍷

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022


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Miracles & Free Apple Codes

Monday, May 9, 2022

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NeverWraith by Shakir Rashaan! #CoverReveal

Thursday, April 21, 2022

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Love the Friends & Family Dynamics

Tuesday, March 15, 2022


Queen of BahiaQueen of Bahia by Erica B Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In Queen of Bahia, Pilar returns to Brazil because of her ailing grandmother. When she arrives home, she’s thrust into the middle of a puzzle. Why are the people in Salvador falling in from the water supply?

With the help of a thoughtful and charming scientist, Pilar unravels the mystery surrounding the community. The love among most of the family members is palpable and the romance is tastefully done.

Queen of Bahia provides a page-turning read that will keep you engaged as you figure out why and whodunnit.

Pick up your copy today!

J.L. Campbell, Author - DNA, Sacrifice & Dominic's Pride

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Finally Got It Right: Romance Stories from Small Towns and Big Cities

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Today's the day. What day you ask? Pub day for Finally Got It Right

Sixteen authors have collaborated to produce fifteen romances that you're sure to enjoy. 

This collection of small-town and big-city romances and romantic comedies will keep you glued to the page, with stories including…

* A Rockstar who broke his promise to resurrect his fiancée’s languishing ranch, but took five years to return. Will she grant him a second chance, or has their love played its last tune?

* A young woman who fled the big city to escape her politician father's cheating scandal…only to fall for a struggling small-town bike builder waiting for his big break. Is he a cheat like her father, or could the sexy single dad be custom-made for her?

* A rundown single mom looking for a break and a kind-hearted entrepreneur in love with the wrong woman. Will their chemistry bring them love…or will the ghosts of her past come back to haunt them?

* A divorced, big-time city baker forced to return to her family’s ranch. Falling for the younger and all too charming ranch hand was never part of the plan…

* A scandal that made Mitch and Olivia enemies. Can they now claim their joint inheritance without starting World War III?

* A haunted vet with nowhere else to go and a determined woman with no place to call home. Can they heal the hurricane-ravaged town of Patriot Bay…or with their broken hearts get in the way?

* And many more stories full of surprise, heartache, humor, and ALL the feels!

Each unique story in the Finally Got It Right Boxset guarantees a swoon-worthy book boyfriend and a happily ever after that fans of Melanie Harlow, Corinne Michaels, and Nicole Ellis are sure to enjoy!

Authors included in the box set are C.K. O'Connor, Heather Silvio, Cricket Rohman, Alexi Ferreira, Susanne Ash, Ginger Ring, Jade Royal & Amy Cecil, J.L. Campbell, Carmen Cook, Mel Walker, CA Miconi, Maci Dillon, J.C. Layne, Toni Denise, Lorah Jaiyn & Tiffany Carby, Jewel Walters, and Macie Collins.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Finally Got It Right. You won't get a better price!