Labour Day Weekend Sale!

Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23rd is Labour Day in Jamaica and I'm having a book sale!
Hop over to my Amazon Author page where I have 13 titles on sale.
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Summer Solstice Set - When Friends Become Lovers

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I'm sure all of us know of couples who go from friends to lovers, and that's what the Summer Solstice set is all about. 

Love comes from the most unexpected places and is sweeter when friends turn into lovers. Dive into a tantalizing selection of full-length romances that feature sexy heroes and their women who make the leap from the security of friendship to the heat and passion of new-found love.

Penned by USA Today and best-selling authors, Summer Solstice will have you rooting for characters who dare to reach for love, despite the challenges. 

J.L. Campbell-The Short Game 
My Best Mistake- Sylvie Grayson 
Behind the Curtain -- Behind the Love Trilogy #3- P.C. Zick 
The Key To My Heart- Nikki Lynn Barrett 
The Sound of Deception- Susan Ann Wall 
Secret Love- Christine Warner 
Lost Dreams- Lost Dreams 
Summer Dreams- Hebby Roman 
Code of Honor- Carra Copelin 

Grab your copy of Summer Solstice while it's on Pre-Order for $0.99.
Amazon Link:

Excerpt from The Short Game

The blank television screen stared at me across the room and I rubbed at my fingernail, more as a way of occupying my hands than anything else. It was too late to wonder why I couldn't keep my mouth shut and live with what was going on inside me. I didn't doubt it would be a long time before I forgot the embarrassment connected to Thursday evening. I also didn't know how I would look Garth in the eyes again.

Jace moved away to sit at the end of the sofa. "Are you going to tell me what this is about or should I guess?"

I rubbed my hand across the front of my tee-shirt and down my tights. "I'm just getting my thoughts together."

"If you have to be thinking this hard to start a conversation with your man, then it must be something I won't want to hear."

Squeezing the bridge of my nose, I sighed. "You could say that."

Jace moved closer, pulling my hand from my face. He turned sideways and tipped my face toward him with two fingers under my chin. A moment passed and then he said, "I don't believe you."

I lowered my gaze, but he wasn't letting me wriggle off the hook. "What did you do this time?"

I didn't have the words to answer, no matter how many attempts I made.

After what felt like two lifetimes, Jace raised his hands, clasping them close to his face as if he were praying. "Don't tell me you had sex with him?"

When I sucked in a sharp breath, he jackknifed off the seat and shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans. More time passed and like a coward, I hoped he'd be so disgusted he would walk out on me, but that didn't happen.

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A-Z Reflections & IWSG on Twitter!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Well, another April has gone past like a whirlwind which means the Challenge is all over. As usual, the range of posts on the Challenge was impressive, as well as the care that many bloggers took with the research and presentation of their material each day. My theme 'What's in a name' was easy to compile and didn't take a lot of time.

I found that there were persons who created lengthy posts, which of course would not have been read by many as not everybody has the time to settle in for a 1,000-word read when they're trying to visit as many people as possible. 

As to visits, I realize that many simply posted with no intention of visiting other bloggers. As a co-host, I found myself shortchanging my regular visitors because I spent most of my time visiting persons who did not participate other than to write their daily posts. Sadly, some persons didn't finish.

I had an awesome group of co-hosts who were up to the Challenge and did an excellent job keeping up with their assigned blogs. Special thanks to the following persons.

Keith Channing
Mark Craddock
Bish Denham
Betty Dmochowski Wooton
Jen Garrett
Sheena-Kay Graham
Laura Hernandez
Michelle Wallace 

Here's hoping the Challenge was awesome for you? What did you enjoy most about the Challenge?

New on the block - The Insecure Writers Support Group is now on Twitter! Follow @TheIWSG Don't miss out on valuable information in the publishing world. 

IWSG & Parallels

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's another IWSG posting day, where writers far and wide share their insecurities and offer encouragement to each other. The captain of the IWSG ship, Alex, has a wonderful group of able assistants who will be helping him make the rounds today -  Stephen Tremp, Fundy Blue, MJ Fifield, Loni Townsend, Bish Denham, Susan Gourley, and Stephanie Faris!

If you don't belong to the group, sign up here and join an awesome band of supportive writers. 

My insecurity today? April was a crazy-crazy-crazy month and I wonder if I have any fuses left that haven't been totally burned out. 

Anyway, there's good news, the IWSG's anthology is out this week! 

Parallels: Felix Was Here
An Insecure Writer’s Support Group Anthology

Enter the realm of parallel universes! 

What if the government tried to create the perfect utopia? Could a society linked to a supercomputer survive on its own? Do our reflections control secret lives on the other side of the mirror? Can one moment split a person’s world forever? 

Exploring the fantastic, ten authors offer incredible visions and captivating tales of diverse reality. Featuring the talents of L. G. Keltner, Crystal Collier, Hart Johnson, Cherie Reich, Sandra Cox, Yolanda Renee, Melanie Schulz, Sylvia Ney, Michael Abayomi, and Tamara Narayan. 

Hand-picked by a panel of agents and authors, these ten tales will expand your imagination and twist the tropes of science fiction. Step through the portal and enter another dimension! 

Print ISBN 978-1-939844-19-4 $14.95
eBook ISBN 978-1-939844-20-0 $4.99
Buy links: Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, iTunes, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Goodreads, and the Blog.

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So, what has you feeling insecure today? Here's hoping you'll shake off those blahs and move forward with a positive attitude.

Don't forget to pick up your copy of the Parallels Anthology!

The Last Letter!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

And we're on to the Zs. We made it!

Zahra (f)     Flower, white, princess, origin – African, Arabic, Hebrew
Zakiya (f)    Purity, origin – Swahili
Zeffa (f)      Rose, origin – Portuguese

Zahid (m)   Self-denying, abstinent, origin – Arabic
Zeheb (m)  Gold, origin – Turkish

Zevid (m)    Present - Hebrew

Here's hoping you've had fun on the Challenge!

Chicki Brown's I Want You Back Is Here!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Today, I'm happy to be hosting Chicki Brown on a tour stop for I Want You Back, the fifth book in her Stafford Brother series. 


Nick Stafford is the youngest in his family. He's recently graduated from medical school and finished his internship. Everything was going well for him until Cherilyn, his girlfriend of two years, starts hinting about marriage. The thought of adding more responsibility to the pressure he is already facing getting ready to take the last of his board exams and the nearly quarter of a million dollars in student loan debt already hanging over his head is too much. He breaks off their relationship.

Eight months later, he runs into Cherilyn at an event on the arm of another doctor, and she's wearing an engagement ring. Seeing her with another man stirs up a jealousy like he's never experienced before. Now all Nick can think of is how he can get her back. 


Cherilyn opened the powder room door and peeked out. “Who told everyone the wedding is off?” she asked her father when she saw they were alone.

“Derrick did. The best man went out with him.”

“He must hate me.”

“I imagine he’s pretty angry, but he’ll come to see that it’s for the best.”

“Do you really think so?”

“He will. It might take some time and meeting another woman, but he will.”

“God, I hope so.”

“Mom said Nick came to see you. What did he have to say?”

“That I was making the biggest mistake of my life and he couldn’t let me marry Derrick because he’s still in love with me.”

“Why did he wait until the last second to tell you in front of all the family and guests?”

“Daddy, he’s been calling me and texting me for two months, ever since he found out Derrick and I were engaged. I refused to answer him. He saw this as his last resort.”

Mika returned to the salon looking flushed and sweaty as though she’d been running. “Are you ready? I explained to the driver that we’re going back to your apartment then he can return for the rest of the girls. We need to go out through the kitchen so nobody sees us.”

“Let’s grab all your things and get out of here.” Mika stuffed the wedding gown and veil back into a garment bag. Cherilyn reached under the ottoman and retrieved the box holding the necklace then picked up her sparkly white shoes and put them inside the bridal money bag, a gift from her bridesmaids.

“I’m so sorry, Daddy.” She kissed her father on the cheek and followed Mika down a set of stairs that led to the kitchen where they escaped out a service entrance. Her best friend threw the garment bag into the back seat of the limo and they jumped inside, all the while gazing around the area to see if any guests saw them.

“I knew all along I shouldn’t have accepted Derrick’s proposal. Nick has always been in the back of my mind,” she whispered to Mika so the driver wouldn’t hear. “Even though we weren’t seeing each other anymore, a piece of my heart still belonged to him. I kept telling myself it didn’t matter, but when he showed up here today, I couldn’t deny my feelings.”

“You’re doing the right thing, Cher. Everybody was shocked when you announced your engagement after dating Derrick for only five months.”

“I knew it was too soon, but something inside me just wanted to prove to Nick that another man wanted me.”

“You can’t marry a man for spite.” When she looked up, tears were streaming down Cherilyn’s cheeks. “Aww, girl, don’t cry. I didn’t mean that in an ugly way.”

“It’s not that. I’m just so angry with myself for not listening to my heart in the first place.”

“It’s over now and—” Mika’s phone rang. It took her a minute to find her purse amongst all of the items she’d grabbed from the salon. When she clicked into her missed calls, her expression changed into a wide smile. “That was Nick. Should I call him back?”

She was too surprised to do more than nod.

“Hello, Nick. What? We didn’t know you stayed for the ceremony. We’re in the limo on the way back to Cher’s place. Yes, here she is.”

Cherilyn took the phone with a trembling hand. “You were there?”

“Yes.” His voice was so soft, she had to strain to hear him. “I had to see if you would go through with it. I’m so glad you didn’t. Mika said you’re going back to your apartment. Is it all right if I meet you there?”

“Uh, yes. I don’t see why not.”

“See you in a few minutes.”

Cherilyn handed the phone back to Mika. When she dropped her head back into the cushy headrest and closed her eyes, the guilt poured over her. “Am I a horrible person for what I just did to Derrick?”

“You did what you had to do,” her best friend since high school tried to reassure her. “Stop beating yourself up. Think about your next step. What’s in the box, anyway?”

She glanced down at the tiny gift box still clutched in her hand, and then handed it to Mika with a sigh.

“It’s beautiful. Is it real?” Mika asked, examining the sparkling necklace.

“Of course it’s real. Nick isn’t into fake anything, but that’s not the point. It’s what the necklace symbolizes.”

“What does it mean?”

“He and I used to spend a lot of time sharing our daydreams. One of mine was getting married in Paris standing under the Eiffel Tower. When he gave me the box, he said if I’d marry him, we’d get married there.”

“He didn’t mean right away, did he?” Mika asked with a questioning frown.

“I don’t know. We didn’t exactly have time to get into details.”
“You always told me Nick didn’t have any money. How does he intend to whisk you away to France?”

Cherilyn snickered. “When the Stafford brothers say they’re broke, they don’t mean broke the way the rest of us do. He once told me his parents put money in trust for each of them that they couldn’t touch until they graduated from college, but I wouldn’t expect him to dip into it for a European vacation. I don’t even want to think about more wedding plans right now anyway. Just knowing he wants to marry me is enough at the moment.”

“If you ask me, you’d better strike while the iron is hot, girl,” Mika said with a devious smirk.
The limo pulled up in front of Cherilyn’s apartment, their starting point this morning. The driver exited and opened the rear door.

“I’m going to see her inside,” Mika informed him. “And I’ll be right out." She grabbed the gown and other items off the seat and followed the runaway bride up the steps.

Cherilyn unlocked the door to her apartment and pulled her friend into a long hug. “Everyone should have a best friend like you. Thanks, Mika.”

“Are you sure you’re going to be all right?”

“Nick is on his way. He should be here any minute. I’ll be fine.”

“Let me put these things inside.” Mika took the armful of items and laid them on the chair next to the door, then kissed her cheek and stood back with a gentle, contemplative look. “Make sure you call me if you intend to get on a plane, you hear me?”

“I promise, but we’re not going anywhere. Go ahead. Get the limo back so he can take the rest of the girls home. Please apologize to them all for me.”

Mika turned to head back to the car then stopped midway down the sidewalk. “I mean it, Cher. Don’t leave this country without telling me.” Nick’s Charger pulled up behind the limo, and he jumped out. “I guess I’d better get out of here. Love you, girl.”

He climbed the four steps leading up to her door and drew her into his arms. “Thank you for giving me another chance. I won’t blow it again.”

She felt her knees weaken as his mouth descended onto hers in a kiss that sang through her veins. He raised his mouth from hers, and when he gazed into her eyes, it was as though they had never been apart all those months.

“I love you, Cher.”

“I love you too. Let’s go inside.”

Author Bio:

Contemporary women’s fiction/romance author Chicki Brown has been featured twice in USAToday. She was the 2014 B.R.A.B. (Building Relationships Around Books) Inspirational Fiction Author and also the 2011 SORMAG (Shades of Romance Magazine) Author of the Year. Chicki was also a contributing author to the Gumbo for the Soul: Men of Honor (Special Cancer Awareness Edition).

A transplanted New Jersey native who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, Brown still misses the Jersey shore, the pizza and the hot dogs.

Nia Forrester, Beverly Jenkins, Iris Bolling, Lisa Kleypas, and J.R. Ward are among her favorite authors.

Online contacts:
Amazon Central Author Page:

Buy links:
Kindle US:
CreateSpace (paperback) -

Pick up your copy. You're in for a great read!

Y - Almost There!

Here's what we have for Y!

Ya (f)             Graceful, origin – Chinese
Yadirah (f)    Unclear, origin – Arabic
Yaffa (f)         Gorgeous, origin – Hebrew

Yakov (m)      Pronunciation - YAH-kahf, Following after, origin - Hebrew
Yaron (m)       Filled with joy, origin – Hebrew

Yashawn (m) God is merciful, origin - Hebrew

X - Marks the Name & Not the Spot!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Only a few more days, to go and we are at X!

Xanthia (f)   origin - English
Xenia   (f)     hospitality, origin - Greek, Ancient Greek
Xia  (m/f)     Summer, great/grand, origin - Chinese 

Xandinho (m) Shortened form of Alexandre, origin -  Portuguese
Xavier (m)        So popular, I had to include it. origin -  English, French, Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish . The name is taken from the Basque place name Etxaberri meaning "the new house". Surname of the Jesuit priest Saint Francis Xavier (1506-1552) - the patron saint of the Orient and missionaries.

Xolani (m)     Peace, origin - Southern African, Zulu (love this one!)

Down to the Ws & A First Glance

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We're down to the Ws

Wakana (f)    Harmony, origin - Japanese
Whetu (f)      Star, origin - Maori
Wikolia (f)     Pronunciation - wee-koh-LEE-yah, Woman of victory, origin – Hawaiian/Latin

Wahyu (m)   Revelation, origin - Indonesian
Waqar (m)    Majesty, dignity, origin -  Arabic
Wasim (m)    Handsome, origin -  Arabic

What d'you like for W?


Yesterday saw the release of the First Glance boxed set, which is a collection of 13 series starters. Be sure to pick up your copy for $0.99. Here's the blurb.


Love your romance with variety? Love the joy of knowing you’re finding a brand new series with more fab books to follow? 

FIRST GLANCE gives you 13, very different, exciting series for you to fall in love with! There’s something for every taste in these 13 romances from USA Today and Amazon Bestselling authors. From light paranormal, to Motorcycle Club romantic suspense, to New Adult, reunited first loves and sports and even a taste of forbidden love. First Glance has it all: sexy heroes and smart heroines in love stories to make you cheer, sigh, and beg for more. 

And here's my offering ...

Thanks so much for stopping in. Have a great day.
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V is for …

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Varvara (f)     Pronunciation - vahr-VAH-rah, stranger, foreigner, origin – Greek/Russian
Verochka (f)  Pronunciation - vyeh-RAWSH-kah, verity, truth, origin – Latin/Russia
Vincenza (f)  Pronunciation - veen-CHEN-tsah, the one who conquered, origin – Italian/Latin

Varek (m)      From the green hill, origin – French
Vasyl (m)       Russian – royal, origin - Slavic
Vidar (m)       Pronunciation – VEE-dahr, fighter in the woods, origin – Danish/Swedish