Persuasion is Coming in April!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

After a two year stretch, I'm coming close to hitting publish on the third book in the Sisters-In-Love Series. Perfection, Fixation, and Persuasion are New Adult novels that follow the lives of three young women, who are related by marriage. They each have distinct personalities and their own set of problems. 

Persuasion will be released on April 28, and it has been an interesting journey as this story is has deeper issues that the previous two. Persuasion is available for the special pre-order price of $1.99 so get your copy before the price moves. 


  1. Great news, Joy!! Wishing you every success. Super cover work!

  2. Congratulations, Joy. I hope you realize what an inspiration you are. You actually write instead of wasting your time as I seem to be doing. I'm thrilled for you.

    1. Thanks, Joylene. It's good to know that I can encourage others to keep pressing forward. :) Get back on that wagon!

  3. Congratulations! The release day is coming. :)


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