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Friday, March 1, 2013

I fell off the exercise wagon this week.


A twitch and a stretch here and there definitely do not count in the get-fit-and-look-better department.

If only I could do a better balancing act.

Once I sit at the computer in the evenings, time does a disappearing act and the next thing I know, it’s bedtime.

Oh, well, there’s always next week. I also owe some visits. 

Don't despair of me. 

I'm coming. 


See pictures of my other children below.

If you’re still here and have time, check out my new FB page that’s meant for my MG and YA Fiction. Still fiddling with the header, which will change soon, but it is what it is for now. Any likes from you would be highly appreciated by me! More to come next week.

Thanks and have a great weekend.   


  1. Just reset your goals and start anew!

  2. Lovely pictures-- flowers make me happy. Can't wait to see your new FB page!

  3. I'm off the excercise wagon also, but I have a dog so eventually he'll make me get back on to walk him. Love the pictures.

  4. Don't beat yourself up over not exercising. It's a lot easier to fall off that wagon then it is to stay on and ride.

    There's always next week and new opportunities. Good luck!

  5. Good approach, Alex. Thanks!

    Me too, Julie. I only get some grief when the kids from the neighbourhood come by and rip the blooms off. :(

    LM, you're making me wish I had a dog. :)

    Thanks, Mark. Yes. New week, new opportunities.

  6. I completely fell off the Healthy Writer bandwagon. But I'm going to start again real soon. Loved the pics - now I' off to like your FB page :)

  7. Praytell, what is this Healthy Writer bandwagon of which you speak? lol!!

    Yeah, I've been more on the "exactly how big can your front butt get?" bandwagon. Now that is the bandwagon to gently slide off of - to prevent bruising - so I can see about joining you all on the Healthy side :-)

  8. Gwen, I know how hard it is to stay on that wagon. Hoping to tackle it with some energy next week.

    Angela, your comment made me laugh. Def. gotta see about improving things this coming week.

  9. I danced a little one day. Does that count as exercise?

    Love your flowers, and I LIKED your fb page :)

    Happy Weekend!

  10. I haven't fell off the exercise wagon. (Sorry, I can't join the bandwagon on that one.) However, I hope you get back on soon! :-)

  11. Carol, that's more exercise than I got. Why not? :) Thanks for the like!
    Jolie, that's pretty cool. Yeah, hope I do better next week.

  12. Joy, writers have the worst profession for keeping fit!

  13. Heading over to 'like' now.
    I've also slacked off on exercise since Christmas. This week I've tried to get back into it, but admit it's just been very short routines. I really need to run again. Ugh.

  14. True that, Denise.

    Thanks so much, Charmaine. Just came back from reading your excellent article. Good stuff. You're one up on me in the exercise department. Keep going!

  15. That's okay Joy. It's a new month. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start over again.
    Off to like your page!

  16. Thanks for the inspirational photos....and I'm off the wagon too. Trying to eat healthy - no fried food - and that is so difficult in India. But you'll be back and so will I. Just hold the thought.


  17. Time does fly when one's writing.

    Lovely flowers.

  18. It's easy to fall off the wagon, and I can feel myself staying off the wagon for the rest of this week. I keep waiting for winter to disappear and the long days of summer to come back. It's so much more inspiring to be active with sunlight. :3

  19. Hi, Michelle,

    Yup, definitely need to try again.

    Hi, Maria, hope you can stay on the diet.

    Thanks for dropping in, Medeia.

    TC, I guess I should make more use of the year-round sunshine around these parts.

  20. I fell off the wagon a few months ago! Hopefully I will get back in gear. Good luck to you!

    1. Haven't done much so far, but there's still tomorrow. :)


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