Eccles, Edinburgh Castle & Emancipation

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Clancy Eccles: was one of the pioneers from the ska era. He had a varied musical career which ranged from song writer to talent scout. He had his first hit in 1961, left the music industry briefly and returned as a recording artiste and producer. He produced several songs for the PNP for their political campaign in the sixties and is credited with encouraging the younger set to vote.  Eccles hits include Sweet Jamaica, What Will Your Mama Say and Sammy No Dead. Eccles died in Jamaica in 2005.

Edinburgh Castle: was built in the 1700’s in Pedro, St. Ann. The original owner Lewis Hutchinson was known as the Mad Master of Edinburgh Castle. He came from Scotland to run an estate and is reputed to have studied medicine at some point before his arrival in Jamaica. Hutchinson became known as Jamaica’s first serial killer as he would shoot unsuspecting passersby for the fun of it. He also killed invited guests to his home.  

He is reputed to have drunk their blood, dismembered the bodies and forced his slaves to dump them in a sinkhole. Over time, Hutchinson grew more reckless and shot two people in view of another white person. Hutchinson attempted to escape via ship, but was jailed, tried and hung in 1773. No one knows for sure how many people were murdered at Edinburgh Castle, however, when the authorities searched the castle, they found forty-three watches and scads of clothing. The only thing left of the castle today is the ruins. The site is now listed in the heritage sites kept by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust

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Emancipation Day: although slavery was abolished in 1934, it wasn’t until 1838 that the slaves were emancipated. Since 1834 the British Parliament issued directives regarding how the slaves were to be granted improved living and working conditions. This included putting an end to flogging women. The Jamaican authorities refused to comply and the slaves became restive, which led to massive riots across the island. The slaves believed they had been freed, but were being held in the same condition by the planters. The rebellion pushed the British government toward ending slavery and on Friday, August 1, 1838, all slaves became free men. 

Today, Jamaicans celebrate both Emancipation Day and Independence Day, which are public holidays. This year we’ll be celebrating JAMAICA 50

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  1. What's with the crazy serial killers in Jamaica? There's Edinburgh guy and then when I was there, I visited a house The Rose Hall where the owner was also a serial killer. Creepy houses.

  2. Wow...the history of Edinburgh castle is horrific. That guy with the legends attached to him sounds like a serial killer. It makes me wonder how many times in earth's history, a serial killer just happened to seize a position of power and thus got to indulge all of his perversions.

  3. Oh my gosh, the story of Edinburgh castle gave me the chills. It sounds like the plot of a horror novel, how scary that it was real.

    I looked at the Jamaica 50 website and it looks like such fun. I hope you have a great time celebrating!

  4. That serial killer thing is crazy. If you made it up people would say it was too far fetched. Fact truly is stranger than fiction!

  5. That's a seriously creepy story. He must have been insane just to kill people for the heck of it.

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  6. I've always heard Jamaica had a high crime rate, still does, and you've just helped this belief along JOy. Fabulous post, so much of interest.

    I'm posting Francine later today.


  7. That Hutchinson guy gave me the creeps. *shudders* Authorities are searching for a serial killer near Long Island, NY. People still go there on holiday. Er, not me, oh no!

    Congratulations on Jamaica 50. Slavery's saga is such a sad one. How societies could do that chills my spine.

  8. visiting from the A-Z challenge - nice post. Mr Hutchison sounds sinister to say the least.


  9. I am twisted and love reading about serial killers so I know I have got to get to Jamaica and see this place. :)

  10. @Clarissa - That would be Annie Palmer, the White Witch of Rosehall.

    @Mike, I guess the time during which Hutchinson lived was opportune for that sort of activity.

    @Julie, I thought it would make a good plot too. The Jamaica 50 Secretariat does have a lot planned for this year.

    Christine, definitely agree that fact is a whole lot stranger than fiction.

    TGC, yep, I think he was unbalanced to say the least.

    Denise, we do have a high crime rate. Seems like it started further back than we care to analyze.

    Kittie, oh yeah, serial killers are a breed many - including myself - will never understand. Thanks, we gone 50 years of independence. Hope we'll do more toward achieving our goals.

    David, thanks for stepping in. I'll be sure to drop in on you.

    Hi, Melissa, I wondered how I'd never come across this bit of history before today. Weird stuff indeed.

  11. jumped when I saw Edinburgh Castle as I and Hilary Melton Butcher both have castles for our theme. Neither of us had Edinburgh for 'E' and even if we had it wouldnt have been the one you've chosen.
    Your's made me jump again.

  12. OMG! What a horrifying story about Edinburgh Castle. I should think the place would be haunted... And I love how the slaves in both the Danish and British islands fought for their freedom. Gives me chills and goosebumps all over.

  13. @Bob, you will find that many place names in Jamaica are identical to those in England. The planters probably missed England so much they gave everything here names from England.

    @Bish At least five our our National Heroes defended the cause of the slave and three of them were slaves. Couldn't believe I hadn't come across Edinburgh castle and the happenings there before yesterday.

  14. What an interesting story about Edinburgh Castle. That guy must have been seriously cray-cray 0_0

  15. He had to be that or seriously evil to kill people for fun.

  16. History is a fun thing to learn from someone who is passionate about the stories behind it. I enjoyed my visit. :-)

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  17. I'm gonna give Clancy Eccles some love as I don't think Mt Hutchinson should get all the glory. It has to be said though, that i think this is the first musician you've featured that I didn't know. I have to go see if he's on youtube :-)

  18. Clancy Eccles - Oh yeah!
    I've listened to three so far, and going back for more :-)

  19. Mr. Hutchinson--hmm, I feel a story coming on.

    --Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  20. I'm randomly visiting a to z challengers that catch my eye. Who doesn't like Edinburgh!

  21. Wow, what a crazy story about Hutchinson! I love learning new historical facts :-)


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