Fraser, Fern Gully & Good Friday

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dean Fraser: It would be fair to say that Dean Fraser is Jamaica’s best known saxophonist. He started playing the clarinet at age 12 and graduated to the saxophone during his 15th year. He has received the Musgrave Medal in recognition of his contribution to Jamaican music.  He has done work on hundreds of recordings with artistes, including Luciano and Tarrus Riley. Fraser has recorded several instrumental albums.

Fern Gully: winds for several miles from Colgate and ends in Ocho Rios. It got its name from the several hundred varieties of ferns which are found there. The ferns cover both sides of the mountain, through which the road is cut.  The road was laid down in 1907 after a massive earthquake reconfigured the landscape. An old river bed was paved and the road established. 

It is doubtful that there is anywhere else in the world with as many varieties of fern in one place. I won’t stick my neck out, except to say that there is somewhere between 300-600 varieties of Fern in the gully. Another feature of Fern Gully is that craft vendors have stalls inside the gully where they sell carvings and paintings.

Friday (Good): Today the church observes Christ’s Crucifixion and death. For Catholics like myself, holy week and particularly the Pashcal Triduum means a lot of time spent around church activities (hence my spotty participation in the Challenge up to this point). Good Friday and Easter Monday are observed as public holidays. Happy Easter to those who partake in this holy season!

I'll catch up with you later this evening. 


  1. Oh wow. I wonder if the film "Fern Gully" is in part named after this wonderful valley you have illustrated here. And I love the sound of the saxophone. It is so nice.

  2. I echo Michael. I didn't know the cartoon "Fern Gully" was based on a real place.

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger

  3. I loved Fern Gully! Reminds me of my childhood every time :)

  4. Dean Fraser, that name sounds very familiar and I'm sure I've heard him somewhere on an album. And Fern Gully, spectacular!

  5. Here in Mexico, they are parading through the streets with a cross. I would love to see fern gully someday.

  6. Fern Gully looks like a magical spot!
    Happy Easter :)


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  8. @Michael - I was surprised to find out about the movie when looking for info. links re Fern Gully.

    J.C. - oh, yeah, we have a Fern Gully in these parts. :)

    Julie, it's nice and cool in there. The winding roads are not-so-nice for me though.

    Bish, you probably have heard him before, he's been on the music scene since the 70's.

    @Clarissa - Jamaica is mostly protestant, so marches are rare.

    Carol, it's a treat of nature, but like I said about, the twisty road gives me the willies.

    Hi, Linda, thanks for coming by! Always great to meet new folks.

  9. Happy Easter! I really like that you highlighted a saxophone player. Saxophone ensembles blend really well together.

  10. Interesting, I never knew about Frazier or Fern Gully. The pic you chose to accompany the Fern section is lovely! --- makes me want to go on a nice, smooth and quiet drive.

    Blog: The Madlab Post
    @MadlabPost on Twitter

  11. Thanks, Sarah, and the same to you.

    Nicole, glad to share something Jamaican anytime!

  12. Happy Easter, Joy! :)

    The Fern Gully you mentioned sounds like a beautiful place. Ferns are so pretty, especially the ones growing outside. The cartoon called Fern Gully was a favorite of my kids', and I wonder if the name or inspiration came from the place you mentioned. :)


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