Where Hope Begins ...

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Where Hope Begins definitely starts with a bang that takes the reader on an emotional journey. Savannah is blindsided when her husband leaves her for another woman. The reader is then allowed to peel back the layers of Savannah and Kevin's troubled marriage, journeying with them to happier times and then to the tragedy which unravels their happy home.

It is a wonderful story of hope that shows how brokenness does not have to triumph when life gives us more than we think we can handle. Savannah finds that in 'running away' to her parents’ lake house located in the Berkshires that hope blooms and life takes on a different view.

Watching Savannah and her husband go through the darkest period in their life, fighting for their marriage, and seeing the damage done to their family was heart-wrenching and brought tears to my eyes several times. The difficult themes of infidelity, mental health, and broken relationships were handled well by Ms. West with a satisfactory ending.

Source: I got a copy of this book through Net Galley.

Cover Note: A simple cover but ties in nicely with the gardening and writing that are part of the story. 

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