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Sunday, January 14, 2018

So, my newest baby has been out for a week. The reviews have been good so far and Sunday is as good a day as any to share a sample of this sweet romance.

The wait was over and tonight he'd have Caroline with him, where she belonged. All she had to say was I do, since he'd already pledged his love for her.

After the reception and an hour's drive to Negril, they'd enjoy each other for the next two weeks.

Caroline's hand twitched in his, bringing him back to the elaborate stage his mother had created for their wedding. 

Clouds of chiffon, and clusters of flowers he couldn't identify, jostled for space.  

The white and gold theme was dazzling and a bit much, but not according to Caroline and his mother. Only Caroline's brilliant bouquet was out of sync with their color scheme.

He was glad they agreed to have the wedding outdoors. All of this fanciness inside a building would have driven him crazy. The ceremony returned front and center when the pastor asked, "Do you take this man, Gordon Raimes, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

When he looked at Caroline, her mouth was half open, her nostrils vibrated, and her eyes were glossy with tears.

He squeezed her hand and cocked his head, acutely aware of the chill rolling up his spine.

Something was wrong. He'd felt it for at least a week, but had been too busy wrapping up several deals to ensure he'd be fully relaxed on their honeymoon. He should have been paying more attention to what was now obvious.

Caroline swallowed and the delicate hollow at the base of her neck moved with each breath she took. Then she said, "I'm sorry, Gordon. I can't marry you."

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