NaNoing? Meeting Goals? Spinning Wheels?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello to my blogging buddies, plus the crazy adventurous folks who are also doing NaNo. 

NaNo has worked well for me as I’ve got three novels out of it so far that are among my best, with some addition and editing, of course. This year, I took a short story that was shortlisted in the 2009 Small Axe Literary Competition and decided to write a novel based on that. Not sure how to categorize it though, as the narrator is a thirty-odd year old woman looking back at her childhood, in which her father discards the family. I take the reader from the time Georgia is eight years old up to adulthood. 

My first inclination is to tag it as YA, but who knows? Any thoughts on that? I even got a cover done by the talented and energetic, Tirzah, just for inspiration. 

Otherwise, I want to remind you that Hardware was released on November 1. I’ll be giving away five copies of the novel. Conditions apply, of course.  See related post here
Last, but not least, my group from the recent Platform Building Campaign will be hosting a blogfest next week. We write romance / romantic suspense, so see if this interests you. Blogfest information is here

So…are you NaNoing? Meeting writing goals or just spinning your wheels?