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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Today is the national launch of Black Odyssey Media, which is "... an independently woman-owned publishing enterprise, committed to spotlighting minority storytellers. With an annual slate of around 10 titles, our list includes commercial and niche multi-genre fiction that entwines universal themes featuring diverse perspectives and characters from all walks of life."

I am happy and proud to say my November release Flames of Wrath is one of the books acquired by Black Odyssey Media

The first novel to be launched is The Accidental Queen by L. R. Jackson. The blurb is below.

Coming to America meets Bridgerton in this enthralling, contemporary debut novel by L.R. Jackson which blurs the lines of forbidden romance and showers hopeless romantics with a second-chance love reunion.

Unlike fairy tales of old, sometimes a woman must fight to save her king.

Ebony Rose desires the freedom to love without limits—but that’s for people who aren’t harboring the kind of skeletons that could threaten their very existence. Desperately running from her past and a broken heart, Ebony refuses to allow anyone to get close to her—until she crosses paths once more with Dafari, the knight in shining armor she lost long ago. 

The last thing King Dafari expects to find in New York is the girl who got away—although he had hoped. Marrying a woman outside of his culture is strictly forbidden, and the clock is ticking for him to choose a queen. 

However, Ebony Rose embodies all the qualities he seeks in a mate and a matriarch for his country, and Dafari is determined to make Ebony his, despite the laws and traditions that stand between them. Then he makes a grave discovery that causes his world to spiral and leave him questioning everyone he loves. 

Secrets buried under betrayal emerge, threatening to destroy the bond between Ebony and Dafari. Will they survive the sinister conspiracy surrounding them, or will royal misdeeds and scandal topple their chance at redemption and true happiness?

If you've made it this far, be reminded that the Rafflecopter Giveaway is still live. This is the kickoff for the fun stuff surrounding my book release - Flames of Wrath -  on November 28.

First prize is a $20 Amazon Gift Card

Second prize is an 11-oz ceramic coffee mug like the one displayed above. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and enter the giveaway

Pre-order links for Flames of Wrath are below. 👇

Amazon - http://microlinks.io/FlamesofWrath

Apple - http://microlinks.io/FlamesofWrathAP 

Barnes & Noblehttp://microlinks.io/FlamesofWrathBN 

Kobo - http://microlinks.io/FlamesofWrathKobo

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