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Friday, January 27, 2023

To write and publish books, we writers need strong minds and willpower to get us through when things don’t go the way we plan.

In the middle of 2021, my former publisher returned the rights to a series with three books. Yes, the one I re-published today. Aside from my sweat equity – you know, re-reading, tweaking, etc., in a timely manner – that went according to plan, nothing else has.

The Zon still has not linked the three books into a series. Nor would they transfer the reviews, unless I eventually asked the publisher to do it. She graciously helped me out. So now, I am waiting to see what happens within the five days the Zon needed to complete this job.

Then there was that one upload and re-upload I did to satisfy the neurotic writer and editor that I am. Because I somehow used one word twice in a sentence while fiddling with the text. And then, when I was about to create the box set, I realized I didn’t have an updated version of Vellum to automate the job.

I did it manually the first time, then gave up on a repeat when the knowledge hit that I’d have to input all the Chapter numbers by hand. Again. So, I’m waiting for macincloud to fix me up so I can do what needs to be done to update the box set.

When I look at everything I did in one-and-a-half months, I confess to several moments of madness. But this is what I’ve always done. Assign too much stuff to complete in too short a time. Oh, the pressure. Self-inflicted, I readily admit.

So much happens in the background that readers will never be aware of, but we writers choose this life and we rally on to produce stories we hope readers will love.

Wish me luck on this re-publishing adventure!

Check out the books at the links below.

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