Sample Sunday - Dominic's Pride

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Kylie sat in the passenger seat, smirking. She lifted the flap of the envelope she’d already opened. 

“As you can see from these results.” She waved the paper under his nose. “This baby I’m carrying belongs to you.”

“Lemme see that.” He opened the folded slip and read the result, which swam before his eyes. 

How on earth could this happen?

He had used protection and from the little he remembered, it hadn’t broken. The paper fluttered to his lap, and he stared through the windscreen. 

How was he going to take care of a baby? Especially when he wasn’t connected to Kylie in a way that mattered. 

“Yeah, you thought I was gaming you, but see—”

“I get it,” he snapped, then rubbed his face with both hands. “No need to rub it in.”

He’d had a long morning at work and took his lunch time to bring Kylie to the facility to collect the result. Although she had agreed on Monday, she’d been livid on Tuesday when he insisted they do the test before he took her home. 

If she said ten words to him during the time they were together, that would be plenty. Kylie had sulked and muttered under her breath until she stepped out of the car in front of her building. 

The one thing she had been sure to say before he left was, “I’ll be in touch.”

Her demanding tone made him feel as if she had put a leash on him. The thought of being at her beck and call for years to come made his empty stomach twist in rebellion.

Nick didn't want to say anything that would move their situation from bad to worse. This new information meant they needed to get along.

He turned the car toward home as his thoughts went to how this news would affect Ashley. He didn't have to tell her, but instinctively knew being honest would help, rather than hurt his situation. 

What he didn't know was if she’d believe he wasn't in a relationship with Kylie. After all, she'd seen them at the clinic last weekend.

Nick parked curbside and was on his way upstairs when his phone rang. He looked at it and frowned. He hadn't heard from Marlon since he returned to Miami, nor did he expect to, unless something had happened to their parents. 

His scalp prickled as he let himself into the apartment and threw his keys on the center table. He swiped the screen and put the phone on speaker. “Yes, Marlon.”

“I'm calling to let you know that I am officially done with you.”

“I thought you were done with me the last time we spoke.”

“This is not a joke.” In the silence, Nick’s mind went in a thousand directions. What was Marlon talking about now? He sighed, then continued. “I don't know how else to reach you. When you self-destruct, I hope our father will be in a position to help you. That's if you don't put him six feet under first.”

Nick pulled in a sharp breath. The jab hurt, but he wouldn't give Marlon the satisfaction of knowing that.

“I don't know what I'm supposed to have done this time, but I would appreciate hearing why you're cussing me out.”

“There's been another robbery.”

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