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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Today's Sample Sunday excerpt is from my latest book, Vision: Aligning With God's Purpose For Your Life. I hope this snippet gives you food for thought.

Don’t think twice about shedding energy vampires from your life. It’s sad but true that if you keep company with negative people, you’ll be headed in their direction.

Sometimes that means staying in a hovering pattern, with no plans to do anything but land in your comfort zone.

I’ve found it important to guard my spirit. If I allow one negative thought to settle, another follows, and then it’s hard to kick them to the curb.

It’s okay to be sympathetic to our friends when they need to talk about their problems. We all have them, and need a listening ear.

But, it’s definitely not okay to take on other people’s burdens, let their energy seep into you and leave you drained. Guard your spirit.

Life will never be perfect, but happiness isn’t found in other people. If that’s where you’re looking, you’ll never find it.

Happiness springs from deep within.

From harmonious relationships.

From finding fulfillment in the things you do.

From discovering your skills and talents.

From getting things done.

From being on the journey with like-minded people.

From rising each day with a plan to work on your dreams and make them reality.

From finding the only source of real peace - The I AM.

None of us will ever be happy 100% of the time. It’s not possible, but we can develop an awareness of where our thoughts lead us. More than that, the company we keep is life and death to our dreams.

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Vision: Aligning Wit God's Purpose For Your Life - J. L. Campbell

Have you ever wondered why we allow other people’s opinions to warp the view we have of ourselves?

What if you could refocus on who God created you to be instead of where you fall short?

How do you know beyond a doubt that you are on the path that feeds your passion and satisfies your soul?

Journey into the past, examine the present, and receive encouragement to pursue your dreams and step into your purpose with a new Vision.

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