Sample Sunday - DNA

Sunday, May 23, 2021

If you haven't read DNA, here's a chance to sample what the story is about. 

Amoy chewed a bit of banana, feeling like a condemned prisoner consuming the last meal before execution. Try as she might, she couldn’t find a positive spin to put on this situation.

“You're taking the boys to your father?” Russ asked, without looking at her.

“Yeah, he's expecting them.”

“I'll take them,” he said.

His offer surprised her, but she said okay. She'd been looking forward to being out of the house and supposed Russ probably had the same motive. He was likely trying to get away from her.

“Will you be coming straight back?” she asked.

“Yes, I have some work to do.”

She stared at him, wondering if she'd heard right. How could he think of work when they had so much to discuss? Did he think the situation would change if he ignored it? His hurt would fester even worse if they didn't talk.

Amoy opened her mouth but realized she didn't know what to say to him. If last night was anything to go by, nothing she said would make an impression. Still, she had to try. She pitched her voice low and said, “We have to talk. Can we do that when you come back, since the boys will be out of the way for a while?”

“Whatever you want,” he said, getting to his feet.

She tipped her head back to look at him. “It’s not what I want, Russ, it's what needs to happen.”

“The only thing that needs to happen is you giving me room to breathe.”

She glanced toward the doorway as she responded. “There's no reason for you to treat me this way—”

He cocked one brow. “Really? You think you deserve anything from me after this?”

His words were like a blow to the chest and it took her a moment to catch her breath and regroup. “I understand—”

“You don't understand a damn thing, Amoy.” He pointed at her. “If I were you, I'd just let things be. Right now, I can't even stand the sight of you.”

Her throat closed and her eyes stung. The involuntary tears had been her default response since yesterday, but she was out of ideas. If Russ wouldn't allow her to explain anything, how would they resolve a problem with the power to destroy their marriage?

She could have continued pleading with him, but she chose not to aggravate him further.

Russ wasn't an unreasonable man. He would realize how much he was hurting her and adjust his attitude. Until then, she'd ride out the anger and distress that had him in their grip.

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