Knight of Paradise Island Coming Soon ...

Thursday, October 1, 2020

My next release, a romantic suspense novel is coming on October 6. Believe me when I say you'll need to buckle in and hang on for the long haul. 😀

Dorian “Ryan” Bostwick is a protector and he’s one of the best in the business. When a King of the Castle assigns him to find his former lover, Aziza, he stumbles upon a deadly underworld operating close to the Durabian border.

Aziza Hampton had just rekindled her love affair with Ryan when a night out with friends ends in her kidnapping. Alone and scared, she must find a way to escape her captor and reunite with her lover.

In a race against time, Ryan and the Kings of the Castle follow ominous clues into the underbelly of a system designed to take advantage of the vulnerable. Failure isn’t an option and Ryan will rain down hell on earth to save the woman of his heart.

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