Sample Sunday - Romantic Suspense

Sunday, July 26, 2020

On this #SampleSunday enjoy a taste of #romanticsuspense  in The Pain of Things.

I shifted Zane to my other hip. His bottom felt squishy, so I headed toward the house to change him. The guesthouse occupied two floors and Zane’s small utility box with baby wipes, diapers, and diaper rash cream were on the bottom level in the room where I slept.

The bedroom was cool, but I turned on the overhead fan and laid Zane on the bed. Walking backward, I pointed at him. “Don’t move.”

He smiled wide, but stayed where I laid him.

I grabbed the bag with his diapers and wipes and prepared to change him. The job was half done, and I was still whispering nonsense to Zane when Doug’s voice floated in through the window. “So, Rodge, how was Jamaica?”

I frowned. He’d been in Jamaica? When? My hands stilled as I waited for Roger’s response.

He released a lengthy chuckle. “I wasn’t there long enough to enjoy anything. I was in and out once I located that girl.”

“Another one sealed away,” Doug said with a proud note in his voice.

“Yep. Everybody happy and all that.”

Mystified, I eased Zane’s tiny white pants up to his waist and smoothed the matching satin shirt over his tummy.

A momentary pause dropped into the conversation before Doug cleared his throat. “Have you given any thought to—”

“Don’t start that again,” Roger said. “Please.”

“Fine. I’ll leave it alone for now. I just don’t want it to come as an unpleasant surprise one day when Mama hears that you were sh—”

“It won’t happen. Keep the faith.”

“Trust me, little brother, I pray for you more often than I pray for myself.”

My face crumpled into an intense frown. What on earth was Roger involved in that needed that kind of intervention from Doug? The more I thought about it, the more I hoped they weren’t involved in anything illegal. But no, not if I went by his earlier words about finding a girl. And what did that mean?

I was annoyed that he’d been on the island and hadn’t said a peep about his trip. What was there to hide if he was in Jamaica on legitimate business? Resentment settled over me and I thought about how to get more information out of Roger.

What reason did he have to hide anything from me? I’d never acted possessive, but with men one never knew. I’d found out first-hand how deceptive and shallow they could be.

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