Sample Sunday - DNA

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Junior stared through the glass, and Amoy couldn’t help thinking how sober he’d become, like Troy.

 Guilt racked her. He shouldn’t have to worry about being in the same space as the man who had loved and protected him until now.

She sniffed, ignored the ache behind her eyes, and turned up the music on the radio. “Everything will be fine. When we get home, we’ll rustle up some mac and cheese, okay?”

His eyes brightened when he met her gaze in the mirror. “Really? Miss Sarah is going to say she already cooked dinner.”

She was tempted to tell him again not to worry. Instead, she said, “We’re going to live a little.”

Her phone rang and she put it on hands-free because it was Marlon’s ring.

“Hey, cuz, you ready to tell me what still has your head in a knot?”

Amoy flashed Junior a glance, but he was occupied with the passing scenery.

“Nope. Not right now. Little jugs and all that.”

“I know you’re talking about me,” Junior piped up from his seat.

“Hey, little man. You keeping your momma on her toes?” Marlon said.

“We just went to the dentist. He said my tooth was doing good.”

“Awesome. I know you’re happy about that.” He chatted with Junior a bit more, then said, “Moy, we’ll talk later.”

By that time, Amoy had pulled up to their house. The white stucco finish, multi-colored roof tiles, and arched windows gave their home a Spanish feel. Russ and she had enjoyed refurbishing the house with furniture that suited both their tastes, but it was no longer a home.

As she waited for the gate to swing open, she willed her stomach to settle. Russ’s SUV was in the garage. He’d left it open. His thoughtful gesture cheered Amoy and she said a prayer that he’d be in a good mood.

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