Sunday Sample - DNA

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Here's today's snippet of DNA, which will be live on June 26.

Russ studied Amoy, admitting that with one incident, he no longer trusted her. His reaction was weird, given that what happened was far in the past. But there it was, and until he got past the hurt, he'd second guess everything, including her reluctance to move abroad. That was a whole other matter. When his gaze met hers, he shoved the thought aside but knew he'd revisit it.

“Russ, would you pray for us, please?” Amoy asked.

He said grace, thanking God for His provision and for their family.

They dug in, with the boys ignoring Amoy's instructions for them to stop talking with their mouths full. Their chatter rose and fell in waves. Junior was curious about everything and normally, his observations would have tickled Russ. Now his questions about Amoy's face—which was now free of makeup—served as an irritant.

“Can you give it a rest, Junior?” His tone was harsher than he intended it to be, and he was sorry the moment he spoke.

Junior dipped his head, and Russ winced.

The boys were not used to hearing him speak that way.

Silence descended around them and Amoy's concerned gaze went to Junior. Then her focus turned back to Russ. Though she wouldn't say anything about his tone in front of the boys, her disappointment was clear.

Was he picking on Junior because of what he knew, or was it the boy’s concern for Amoy?  Whatever it was, Russ didn't want to dig too deeply.

They finished their meal in silence, while Russ grew more uncomfortable. His snooping changed things in a way he never anticipated. With every hour that crawled by, Russ wished he'd left the past where it belonged.

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