You Beneath Your Skin - A Haunting Debut

Saturday, December 28, 2019

47634028. sy475 Damyanti Biswas has written a haunting tale that will remain with this reader for a while. She has crafted a story with a large cast of characters that are all integral to the storyline. 

What starts off as a mystery for the police, wherein women are murdered and disfigured, strikes close to home when Anjali Morgan becomes the victim of an acid attack. At the time, Anjali is dealing with her issues, including an autistic son and an affair with police commissioner, Jatin Bhatt.

Biswas takes the reader on a heart-wrenching inside journey into Indian culture and society. The various threads in the story eventually come together in a realistic, but heart-breaking way. 

I am hoping to see Jatin Bhatt again, since there are some unresolved situations that weigh heavily on him at the close of the novel. 

You Beneath Your Skin was beautifully written despite the ugliness of several subject matters. I’ll be looking out for more from Ms. Biswas, whose proceeds from this book will help to benefit women in India who have suffered acid attacks.

Source: I purchased a copy of You Beneath Your Skin on Amazon.

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