Sunday Sample - The Blind Shot

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Any other man would have wondered what he'd gotten himself into after Gina's shenanigans yesterday, but not me. Somewhere along the way, I'd lost my usual cautiousness. Maybe my heart too, but now wasn't the time to examine that thought closely.

I sat in front of my laptop talking to my mother via Skype. My father had said hello, found out how I was and then disappeared. He wasn't into technology as much as my mother. Her interest mainly had to do with tracking my brother and me wherever we were on the globe.

Gina had jetted past the screen briefly, and my mother went silent. Now I waved at Gina to move from where she sat at the table to join me on the other side of it. "Bring your chair," I said.

When she sat, Gina waved at the screen. "Good day, Mrs. Danquah."

My mother smiled, like the gracious woman she was, but I knew she was taken aback. "Hello, young lady."

"Mama, her name is Gina."

"Where is she from?"

"She's sitting right here, Mama. You can ask her."

"Sorry. Where are you from, young lady?"


"It is nice to meet you." Mama's sharp eyes settled on me. "Kofi, where are you?"

"We're in Jamaica."
Mama gave away nothing as her gaze shifted to Gina and returned to me. "You did not think it was important to let me know you were leaving Miami?"

"I thought I told you. I must have forgotten."


Her response could mean anything from acceptance to displeasure over my lapse. I'd bet a hefty consultation fee it was the latter.

"So, when are you coming back to the States?"


Any other response would have prolonged her questions and from the curiosity in her eyes, Mama was dying to ask who Gina was and why we were together. As if she didn't know.

After introducing Mama to a couple of women via Skype during my early days in university, I hadn't repeated that mistake. Until now, but I knew what I was doing.

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  1. Sounds like a good one! As a mom who also stalks her boys, I feel a bond with Mrs. Danquah.