Support Book Lovers Day Romance Book Fair

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

This week, a number of authors will be participating in the Book Lovers Day Romance Book Fair hosted by Iris Blobel.

The fair will run from August 9-15, so check out the landing page for a wonderful range of romance novels that will be on sale. The landing page is here

The book I will have on special at $0.99 is Grudge, which is here.

After dumping her cheating ex, Corra Bingham goes on vacation to take her mind off the double whammy of her cheating ex and overbearing father. But things turn complicated when she nearly loses her life to a ruthless and persistent stalker.

She's clueless as to why anyone would choose her for blood sport, but isn't happy when Phillip Denham appoints himself as her protector. He's everything she doesn't want in a man—good-looking, frugal with the truth, and a law-enforcement officer. Try as she might, she cannot make him go away.

On a previous visit to the exotic island of Xantrope, Phillip Denham discovers that he has a twin. His life is a complex web of lies and he wants answers. Intrigued by the missing pieces of his past, Phillip returns to the island to trace his roots.

While there, he encounters Corra and someone who is intent on putting her six feet under. She's a fascinating woman, but her relentless enemy makes him wonder what she's involved in. Using his skills as a detective, he races to find answers that will prevent Corra from ending up on a slab in the morgue.


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