New Release - Forever Mine

Sunday, April 14, 2019

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On Friday, I released Forever Mine, which was part of a boxed set in 2018. Basically, I've taken the book apart and put it back together.

It is my hope that you enjoy Scott & Shevaughn's story. Here's a snippet:

I buried my nose in Scott’s neck and inhaled his scent. His skin gave off that same earthy combination of vanilla, leather, and musk that had grown familiar in the past few weeks. My lips connected with his chin in a sloppy smooch.

He turned his head and claimed my mouth in a heady kiss. Our close contact reminded me of all I'd been without since he left the island on Friday evening. Under the fluorescent light outside the airport, I cupped his cheeks while smiling into his eyes.

Scott stroked my jaw with his thumb and cradled my head. His other hand pressed me to him in a tight hug. “D'you know how much I missed you?” he mumbled into my hair.

“Maybe as much as I missed you?”

We grinned at each other, while I thought this scene was crazy. Butterflies swirled in my stomach and heat raced over my back, where Scott's hands rested. I wasn’t given to public displays of affection, but with Scott everything normal had flown out the window. The persons coming out of the arrival lounge flowed around us, seeking taxis or those who had come to transport them.

“Let's go,” I said, “before people think we've lost our minds.”

“Nah,” he said, swinging his case into the trunk of the Honda.

“They'll guess we want to be together, more than anything else.”

His words triggered a tiny alarm in my mind, but I was so exhilarated with having him back, my blood flooded my veins in a heady rush. I felt as though Christmas had come early. What made my reaction so out of character was that we'd spoken every day since he left.

Yesterday, we talked late into the night. He'd shared stories about the mischief he and Rhys got into as boys and how he ended up in the hospital with a broken arm after a skateboard stunt.

When he called me at lunchtime to say he'd finished the seminar early and was coming back this evening, I didn't ask him for a reason. I simply agreed to pick him up from the airport. After we ended the call, I arranged for Mom to collect Angel from school and stay at my place until I got home.

On the ride toward Scott's place, I told him Angel had sent greetings, and we discussed how the seminar went. In twenty minutes, we were at his townhouse. He got the travel case out of the car while I opened the door with the key he'd put in my hand.

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