Sunday Sample - His Reluctant Valentine

Sunday, February 3, 2019


Nasira closed her portfolio and attempted to stand, but Rory stopped her. “Nas, I’m sorry you feel the way you do and although you’re wrong for not hearing me out—”

She shot to her feet. “Why should I? Didn’t you tell me to get the hell out of your office, to quote you?”

“I was trying to explain—”

“The time for that was last night, but maybe you couldn't do that because you were too busy at your apartment.”

She pressed her mouth into a smirk he’d have found sexy at any other time. Now, his heart rate sped up at her words. How did she know about that? Most likely Jaxen.

He’d deal with him in a minute, but not before finishing with the woman in front of him. She stood like a mannequin and her face was set in an unforgiving mask. He’d gotten that look often enough to know what it meant.

Hope fled and he sighed. Although she hadn’t responded to his text, he’d hoped good sense would prevail and she’d allow him to explain what happened last night.

Pushing back his chair, he stood. What goaded him to say the words that came to his lips, he didn’t know, but he soldiered ahead with putting his foot into his mouth. “I hope you’ll finish the job I’ve paid you to do, like the professional you are.”

Nasira’s mouth twisted and she settled her face into calm lines before she answered. “There’s no need to worry about that. You’ll get value for your money.”

She swung around and marched to the door, minus the usual sway in her hips. Yep, Nasira was as mad as hell.

But so was he, and that didn’t bode well for a truce between them any time soon.

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