Book Review: Eshe by J.D. Mason

Saturday, February 23, 2019

If I say Eshe is a mess at the start of her book and for a fair portion of it, you’ll think I’m unkind. But, she does have issues which she’s been fighting all her life. That doesn’t mean she’s not courageous and smart. She doesn’t fit anywhere and nothing is as it seems. Eshe gradually grows into who she is, although she kicks and screams all the way there.

Fantasy is not my favorite genre, but this book had me wrapped up from start to finish. The characters are multi-faceted and fascinating. Andwele is an alpha hero through and through. He’s been chosen for an integral role in Eshe’s life and despite his lack of enthusiasm at the start, he takes to the task with gusto … too much at times. His sometimes clueless approach makes him likable and he doesn’t back away from life-threatening situations.

He’s the right man for the job, though, given his shady reputation and skill sets. J.D. Mason did a great job with his character, moving him from a selfish, snarky individual, to one who recognizes and embraces his role as hero.

Andwele and Eshe’s connection, when it eventually happens, is satisfactory and this reader was happy and relieved. If you like tales of high adventure with demigods and shifters, you’ll enjoy Eshe.

SOURCE: I borrowed the book via my KU subscription.


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  1. I prefer broken, imperfect characters. Sounds like a good read!


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