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Friday, January 11, 2019

I did it! I have a new release this week. 

The Spice of Life was part of the Spice anthology and is now on it's own as a single. If you bought the Spice anthology, you don't need to buy this book, but if you didn't, go get your copy of The Spice Of Life as soon as you can! 📕It's $0.99.📕Thank you!

Here's the blurb:

Nyoka Emerson knows what love, success, and loss look like. She’s been betrayed and devastated and is finally pulling her life back together, when a smooth Jamaican man walks into her dressing room and makes her long for everything she didn’t know she was missing. Unfortunately, he could cost her career and peace of mind.

Anif Montague is focused on keeping the attention of his adoring readers when he lays eyes on Nyoka. She’s perfect to be the cover model for his next book, and the woman in his life, but can he convince this mysterious woman to take a chance on him? Will she accept the deal he’s offering? Or will the secrets she’s keeping explode between them with dire consequences? 

Grab your copy of The Spice Of Life at

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