#SundaySample Bankrolled

Sunday, October 7, 2018

In the parking lot, he waited until she sat astride Pink Passion before he stepped in close and dropped a kiss to one side of her mouth. "I'm sorry you didn't allow me to pick you up earlier. It would have given me more time with you. I'll touch base later."

Bo came too close to wheezing for her liking and all Imari had done was put his mouth on her for a not-quite-there kiss. Not one to lose her composure easily, she blinked and then said, "Sure."

Although he would have seen her information on file, she had her reasons for not letting him pick her up at home. She was conscious that after she got her helmet on, he watched as she pulled out of the parking lot.

After riding a hundred yards, she came to an intersection. Although it was clear, she slowed a fraction and then kept going.

A couple of minutes later, a screech alerted her to a vehicle behind her. She glanced in the mirror to find a blue Yaris gaining on her. The car had a deep tint and wasn't familiar.

She sped up and as the car gained on her, Bo kept her thumb on the horn. When the Yaris didn’t slow, her heart rate doubled. She gassed the bike again but it was too late, the car accelerated and bumped her back wheel.

In slow motion she tumbled to the ground, cursing. The bike skidded out from under her and she rolled on the asphalt a couple of times. As she landed, the helmet smacked the cement.

Then, her vision went hazy.

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