Bankrolled is Live

Monday, October 15, 2018

So, today, I have a new book on the market. I'm grateful to Xyla Turner for allowing me to write in the Lady Guardians world. 

Bankrolled took my writing in yet another direction and gave me a chance to dabble in my first love, romantic suspense. The research was eye-opening, yet fun and interesting. There are things about the biking world that um, I would have been okay not knowing. And on the other side, you can’t beat the fierce loyalty among this particular group of people.

While Bankrolled is not hard-core biker stuff, I hope lovers of romance will like how I’ve handled the story. The jury’s still out and I guess I’ll know how readers feel when the reviews start coming. The good part of working on new stories is that they usually lead to something else. 

However, this is the part where I discipline myself and go back the second book in the In Medias Res series. For now, I give you Bankrolled.

Strong-willed and independent, Bo 'Spice' Casserly will do what's necessary for her family’s well-being. She's wary of relationships, but when she meets Imari Newsome—who holds the key to keeping her business afloat—she can't help thinking he might be the man to change her mind. 

Bo is unlike any woman Imari has ever met. She's used to doing things her own way and isn't about to change her lifestyle to suit him. He doesn’t understand the bond with her motorcycle club and thinks there's a connection between The Grove Lady Guardians and the person who's stalking Bo. 

Either there's something sinister about the club or Bo is keeping secrets that may put both their lives at risk. Imari must decide whether he can stand the heat or walk away from the woman who has come to mean the world to him.

Bankrolled is available in both ebook and paperback format


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