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Monday, May 14, 2018

Here some of what I've been reading recently: 

Having read book 3 in this series first, I then jumped back to read the series in order. 

Spade and Alma have such a great relationship in Loose Ends that I wanted to see how their romance came together. 

In short, I loved 1 to 2. Loved how they connected and that Spade knew from the start he was interested in Alma and wanted her in his life. 

They cut to the chase real quick, settling into something that fed both their souls. A smooth, sensuous read that ended all too quickly.

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2 to 4 picked up where 1 to 2 left off and was no less engaging than book 1.

After Spade's injury, the reader saw more development in the relationship between him and Alma and how they navigate the dangers involved in the business he's in, as well as his colourful past that won't let him go. 

These two lovers learn from each other as things change for Spade in the way he thinks about life and his future. Good read.

Cover Note: Love the cover on this book!

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What else can you ask for when you find a man who knows exactly what he wants and isn't afraid to grab hold of it? Cole is that kind of hero. 

Knowing who he is and not getting swell headed is what I liked most about him. I also enjoyed Cole's voice and his persistence when it came to winning Bethany. 

With her, it was good seeing her do exactly what she needed to, before falling in with Cole's plans.

Her situation was all kinds of complicated and I think, like many parents, Bethany allowed her daughter and ex-husband to take advantage. I was rooting for Cole and Bethany to get their HEA and wasn't disappointed.

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