Sunday Sample - The Long Game

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Here's today's #SundaySample from The Long Game. Get a glimpse of how things work between friends who become lovers. Did you enter the giveaway at Black Love Books? You have a limited time, so if not, go here ==> 


When we stopped in front of my house and switched off the engine, a peaceful silence descended over the van. 

I pulled in a deep breath and turned my head toward Vance, who took my hand in his, lifted it to his lips and kissed my skin. Our eyes met in the darkness and something indescribably sweet passed between us.

He shifted toward me and his breath brushed my lips. I sighed as our skin touched and my eyes closed. A low growl came from Vance's throat and vibrated through my mouth.

Everything about the kiss was sensual and yet it wasn't. The demanding swirl of his tongue against mine primed me for more and took me to a place where only Vance could transport me. It was a sweet interlude, a sensory overload and a meeting of souls.

When I'd taken from him until I was dizzy, my eyes opened and I murmured. "We forgot to collect Kiki."

"She'll be okay 'til morning."

"Mom is going to say this is turning into a habit every time we go out."

"Aunt Alice is cool. She loves Cookie. Forget the damn dog."

His mouth covered mine again and with each second our kiss changed. It shifted from familiar and drugging to needy and urgent. Moments later we moved apart, our breathing ragged.

We looked at each other and laughter poured from us at the same time. We scrambled from the car, threw the lock on the grille open and rushed into the house. Our urge to make love was as vital as our need for food and air.

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