Sunday Sample - The Hole In One

Sunday, February 25, 2018

What I'm writing right now ... Enjoy!

As we drove out of the parking lot, Kathy tickled Brianna’s tummy and glanced at me. “Tomorrow, I’m going to ask Daddy if I can get someone to refurbish the chairs he has in storage. There’s this huge mahoe desk that … “

While she chatted, I studied her. Well, as much as I could with the steering wheel in my hands. Her hands moved as she talked about where she’d place the furniture and what she’d do for lighting. She glowed as if she’d been sick and had made a miraculous recovery or as if she’d gotten back her mojo. “ … an ad and see what comes of that.”

I missed the first part of what she said, but couldn’t miss her meaning. All of what she was doing would enhance her business, but I had a crappy feeling. I should have been happy for her, but resentment simmered in my bones. 

Since Brianna’s birth, and even before that, I’d done everything I could to ensure Kathy was comfortable. My hours were long but I didn’t mind because I was all about providing what she needed. Things had changed because apparently, what I was doing was no longer enough.

“It’s not about you,” she said.

My gaze flashed between her and peak-hour traffic stretching in front of me. “What?”

 “I said, what I’m doing is not about you and what you do for me.” She stroked my cheek. “It’s about getting back on my feet and doing what I love.”

I grunted but couldn’t find words because I felt like a hater. Her explanation and my resentment made me feel awful. I still didn’t want Kathy working and my feelings weren’t about to change. I’d gotten used to her being at home, taking care of Brianna and me and now she was about to shift things up.

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