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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bark (As in Barking up the Wrong Tree) If you've been writing for a while, you would have seen many fads come and go. To name a few, we had the Zombie Apocalypse, the New Adult Frenzy and The Vampire Rage. Some of us are still writing around these subjects, but zombies and vampires have been done to death. 

It's tempting to saddle up and get on the band wagon when it seems best-sellers are everywhere, but writing to a fad is not a smart move. By the time many of us decide to hop on for the ride, the wagon is way on the horizon and there's no point in chasing it.  

Better to hang in there and write what appeals to you and what is on your heart. We may be prone to chasing rainbows, but being moody creatures, we writers do better when we get immersed in what satisfies our souls. The money and kudos may not be rolling in, but peace of mind is more important. 
 What say you? Have you ever been caught up in chasing the new thing on the block? 

Confidence Have you ever read fiction that appealed to you so much,  you wish you had written it? You may even have wondered if you'd ever write prose as crisp and ripe with meaning. Yep, that's happened to me a time or three. 

But guess what? We're all special in our own way and programmed to put down on our words in a style nobody else can. That's pretty awesome when you think about it. Now, if you have big dreams and plans, it isn't beyond the realm of possibility that one day you'll write awe-inspiring stories. 

The key to being able to start what you finish is to know where you’re going. Once you know the path your story will take to 'The End', your skills as a writer will take you there. The important thing is to know you can get to that point. Without the conviction that you will succeed, it's unlikely that you'll make it as a writer. Know your skills, what you're capable of doing, and let confidence keep you on the road to your definition of success. 

Discipline & Deadline Dates Once you've gone past your first article or book, you begin to gather momentum. Whether you're with a traditional publisher or you have chosen to self-publish, discipline must be part of your life. This is particularly important if you're treating your writing as a business. 

Having set a publication schedule, it is critical that you put in the work to achieve your goals. When you sign a contract and agree on a manuscript delivery date, you look unprofessional if you don't deliver. With self-pubbing, you set your own goals, but you also seem unprofessional when you set publishing dates and don't deliver. Unavoidable delays do happen, but it is important to be at your computer putting in the work if you expect to see returns from your business. 

Are you setting goals and sticking with deadline dates? Does it become easier with each project you undertake? 


  1. Great way to catch up - loved it!!

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