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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Taffy is the first historical novel I've read in a while and the experience was outstanding. The writer's language is lyrical, which made me savor the telling of the tale. Taffy's story takes place in a rich and vibrant world I didn't want to emerge from whenever I picked up my Kindle.

The book's protagonist, Taffy, is a young woman who has had many bad experiences thrown at her, including marriage to a lecherous older man.  Her losses are many, but her strength is undiminished as she learns how to tough things out.

Her return to her hometown and subsequent reunion with the man she intended to marry unleashes a host of plot twists that makes Taffy an absorbing read. The eternal struggle of good versus evil challenges Taffy, who's gifted with second sight, and puts her at risk.

The characters are well-drawn and colourful, the setting realistic, and the storyline filled with shocking twists. After travelling with Taffy and Roam to the end of their romance, I couldn't help hoping Ms. Harrison will continue their story. If you like sweeping tales that take you to a different time in history with realism and heart, then Taffy is a must read.

I purchased Taffy on Amazon.

Cover Note: Great representation of the story. 

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  1. What a beautiful blessing of a review! Thank you, Ms Campbell.


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