A Taste of Sweet Persuasion ...

Friday, April 28, 2017

The day is finally here! Today, Gary and Yolanda will have the opportunity to share their story with you. 

This novel has been in the making for a couple of years now and thankfully, these characters and I agreed to put the lid on things late last year. If you love romance and the new adult set, then Persuasion in right up your alley.


School. Music. Blogging. These are Yolanda Charles' priorities. She likes life simple and is content to hang around her step-sisters. That's until she admits she's attracted to Gary Cheung-See, a web developer who exemplifies the strong, silent, and surly type.

Each time a bug hits her website and social media accounts, Gary helps with solving her issues. Despite his good looks and brilliance, Yolanda is undecided about her feelings for him and suspects he might be the culprit trying to ruin her life and reputation—no matter what her heart says.

Gary is from a dysfunctional family and refuses Yolanda's help with bridging the gap between himself and his father. When a life-threatening illness hits the person he cares about most, he is forced to reassess his stance on forgiveness, while Yolanda has to decide whether Gary is friend or foe and if she can trust him with her heart.

Persuasion is priced at $1.99 for the weekend. Get your copy before the price goes up! 


  1. Congrats, Joy! It's such a Joy when a story that's been with you a long time finally comes to life.

  2. Congratulations, Joy!
    So glad you finally completed Gary and Yolanda's story!


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