The Kitty Effect - Caroline Bell Foster

Saturday, January 28, 2017

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Today's sample comes from The Kitty Effect, along with a Dear Cupid letter. Enjoy!


  Mateo was on his knees and the cat was beside him, allowing him to stroke her. She looked tired and thin.

“Oh you poor baby,” Willow said, kneeling beside Mateo and putting the two containers down in front of the cat.

The cat went for the water first, lapping it up with her eyes on Mateo and Willow and her ears back, twitching as she listened to her babies.

After the water, Mateo and Willow silently watched as she gobbled up the tuna, eating every last flake of fish and licking her lips when she finished.

Willow went to stroke her, but the cat hissed at her and flattened her ears, pointing them backwards before going back to her kittens, with a sharp flick of her tail.

“We can’t leave her out here.” Mateo said, looking around.

“What are we going to do? We can’t touch her kittens and move them.” Willow said, at least knowing that much about cats. “The cat must belong to someone Mateo,” Willow said. “She’s obviously used to humans and being handled, but it is getting colder at night now.”

Mateo nodded and standing, helped Willow to her feet.

The poor cat, he’d been surprised when the cat had let him touch her. Just then, she walked out of the undergrowth again and went to the house. She pawed the wooden door and meowed forlornly.
From the scratches on the panel it looked as though she had been doing that for weeks, if not months.

“When did these people move out?” he asked tightly, feeling his temper rise.

“I think Wendy said two months ago or something like that.” Willow answered, coming to the same realisation as Mateo by the looks of it. She had never seen him look so furious.

Mateo swore and took out his phone.

Caroline Bell Foster, is a best-selling, multi-award winning British author and named as one of the most influential people in culture & entertainment in the East Midlands.


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