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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cupid worked overtime to deliver this Valentine's Day treat. Cuddle up with a heartwarming collection of dog tales, kitty and horse stories, and true love with these all-new sweet romances penned by USA Today and international bestselling authors. On January 31, the Valentine Pets & Kisses 2 boxed set will be released. In the meantime, feel free to pre-order since it's only $0.99.

Today, I'll be sharing a sample from Love on Trial, as well as a Dear Cupid letter. Enjoy!

OF ALL DAYS, CLYDE CHOSE this one to break away from his leash and run away during his morning walk. Jude Crandall needed to be in court in less than two hours, and instead of showering and looking over her notes once more for her opening statement, she was standing in the dog park calling for her Boston terrier.

He must have seen a squirrel and that made him go crazy. Jude’s mind swirled with thoughts of bringing justice for the Simpson family, and she lost track of holding tight to the leash. Now she’d be late and ran the risk of blowing the biggest day so far of the trial.

And wouldn’t Malik Moore just love that? She could picture him sitting at the table across the aisle, with a smirk partially hidden by his hands that formed a tent over his mouth. His smooth dark skin glowing under the collar of his white starched shirt, he’d probably make some remark about how nice it was for her to show up. It galled her to think she might blow the case from day one simply because she couldn’t keep Clyde under control.

Relief flooded her when she saw her dog racing toward her on his short legs. His tongue dangled out the side of his mouth. He yapped and jumped in the air when he came closer to her.

“If you think I’m giving you a treat for that stunt, you’re absolutely wrong.” She reached in her pocket and pulled out a small biscuit. “I’m giving you this treat because you came back.”

“Talking to your dog now?” The voice came from behind her, and she swirled around to face her accuser. 

It was exactly who she suspected of sneaking up on her and eavesdropping. Her courtroom nemesis, Malik. 

“What are you doing here?” She wanted to run with Clyde back to her apartment, but then she relaxed. If Malik was here, then they’d both be late.

“Walking Suzanne.” He pointed down to the puppy, a Jack Russell terrier, sitting obediently at his feet while Clyde jumped and yapped around Suzanne until his leash was wound around Jude’s legs. “I need to get going, though. Don’t want to be late on the first day of the trial. I might miss the prosecution’s opening arguments.”

Clyde lay down next to Suzanne and tilted his head sideways. She turned her head away.

“Your dog is a bit of a snob.” Jude scratched Clyde’s head to help him through the sting of rejection. “Maybe it’s true what they say.”

“And what would that be?” Malik asked

“That dogs take on the personalities of their owners.”

“Person. I’m her person, not her owner. And neither one of us is a snob.” Malik leaned down and picked up Suzanne. Clyde jumped up and yapped. “See you in court. My client is ready for this to be over.”

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