Cupid's Gift - J.L. Campbell #VPK2

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cupid worked hard to deliver this sweet treat, so on January 31, the Valentine Pets & Kisses 2 boxed set will be available to the reading public. In the meantime, you can pre-order at $0.99.

Today, I'll be sharing a sample from Cupid's Gift, as well as a Dear Cupid letter. Enjoy!


The man standing in the doorway was perfect, except for the diamond stud in his ear.

Then the wind chimes jangled, and a roar shuddered through my body. I spun in the chair, one hand pressed to my chest.

A wheat-colored monster tore into the clinic, past the man holding the door open. If that thing didn't cut its speed, it would either run straight into the desk or jump over it and topple me to the floor.

I got ready to bolt out of the seat, if necessary, but the man stopped the giant torpedo with one command. "Maddox, sit."

The idiot dog stopped short of the desk and sat on his haunches, panting so loudly it was impossible not to hear him from where I sat.

"Sorry about that." The man walked into the reception area to stand beside the dog. "Maddox gets a little excited when he's away from home."

"That's what you call it?" I said, clutching the thong at my neck. "I thought he was going to lay me out flat on the floor."

The stranger smiled, forcing me to pull in a sharp breath.

He was mega-gorgeous. Bitter-chocolate dark with a set of teeth so even, I thought they might be dentures. Tall and slender. Not drop-dead handsome, but delicious eye-candy. Perfect, I thought again, minus the earring.

He caught me looking at the diamond glinting in his earlobe and one of his eyebrows did a little lift, as if he were asking what part of my business it was. Ignoring what his expression conveyed, I put on my professional face and let go of the death grip I now had on the pendant I wore. "Can I help you?"

Pre-order your copy of Valentine Pets & Kisses 2 today and get eight sweet romances delivered to your reading device on January 31, 2017.

J.L. Campbell is an award-winning, Jamaican author who writes romantic suspense, sweet romance, women's fiction, new and young adult novels. She has written sixteen books, seven novellas and two short story collections. She is a certified editor, who also writes non-fiction. You may subsrcibe to her newsletter at 

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  1. What a gorgeous cover! I need to get my copy.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, and this one was written all of a year ago. :)

  3. Now that's an intriguing opening - and I'm not a dog lover. This line hooked me: Not drop-dead handsome, but delicious eye-candy.


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