When Things Become Sticky ...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Enjoy a sample from The Short Game, where a couple of friends make the journey from friends to lovers, despite the odds.

Garth got out of his seat so suddenly, he startled me. He picked up his crutch, wedged it under his left arm and spun toward the door.

When my head cleared a second or so later, I got up and went around the desk to help him.

He ignored me and kept on going. When he reached the door, I was there before him and pressed my back to the panels.

Garth stood within a foot of me and only then did I realize my mistake. Being this close to him wasn't a good idea, considering our seemingly-sudden attraction to each other. I swallowed and let my breath out through my lips. My next gulp of air made me all too aware of the hint of musk in his cologne. I looked up at him, speaking quietly. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

His eyes softened a little, but he didn't respond. His high cheekbones were taut and so were his lips. He stared back at me, his gaze as intense as mine.

I opened my mouth, but couldn't get a word out. I licked my lips, which was another error.
He took a step forward, his gaze focused on my face.

With my palm, I pressed his chest to get him away from me. His intention was as clear as if he'd said the words. He was going to kiss me again.

"Garth, no."

That didn't stop him because he lowered his head toward mine. Our lips touched and I stepped into his space, closing my eyelids as my mouth opened. His tongue invaded my mouth, gently at first and then more demanding. He was impatient and insistent, pulling me against his body with an arm curled around my waist.

I made a protesting sound in my throat which died as his tongue swirled and danced around mine. I needed air, but it was as if with Garth here like this, breathing was secondary.

So attuned was he to my thoughts that he withdrew, pressing tiny kisses to the corner of my mouth. My arms slid up to circle his neck while he loosed my shirt from the waist of my pants, stroking my skin. For an indeterminate amount of time, we had a silent exchange, a transfer of ideas, sharing things we'd never said.

Then reality asserted itself and I pressed my fingers to his lips. "Garth, we—"

He tilted his head sideways and came in close, nibbling my bottom lip.

When he had me releasing tiny moans that he absorbed with his mouth, I relaxed against him while his body betrayed how badly he wanted me
Some part of my brain was still functional because when the buzzing started, so did the alarm bells in my head. The harsh vibrations continued and it occurred to me that someone was pressing the button at the front door.

My blood turned cold and chills chased from my head to my feet and back. My eyes went wide and I jerked away from Garth. "Jace. He's supposed to—"

"Shhh." Garth pressed a final kiss to my lips and eased my shirt back inside the waist of my pants.


Garth pulled his phone from his pants pocket. "Go let him in. I'll call for a cab."


He silenced me again. "You keep saying that. It's okay. I'll be okay, but we do need to talk."

"Sure." I licked my lips as if that would make his flavor disappear from my taste buds and my mind.

As I approached the front door, Jace got out his phone, touched the screen several times and then put it to his ear. His frown disappeared when I buzzed him in. "What on earth took you so long?"

"Hello to you too." I stepped back to let him in. "I was in my office with—"

"What the hell is he doing here?" 

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  1. You write wonderful scenes, Joy. The Short Game sounds wonderful. Best of success with it.


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