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Monday, August 15, 2016

New week ... New opportunities. Here's what's going on this week. 

Check out the Sun Sets on Summer Super Sale & Giveaway!

36 Romance Authors are offering 73 books...

Most of them are on sale for a limited time. It's just our way of thanking our loyal readers.
Even better, we've pooled our funds to offer an awesome giveaway! Enter to win a Kindle and Amazon Gift Cards just for subscribing to our newsletters or following us on social media. 

Here's the link to the Sun Sets on Summer Super Sale & Giveaway:

Be sure to hop over and check out these romance novels from a variety of writers.


  1. That IS a lot of books! I suppose Jamaica is jumping now that Usain has taken his third gold. What a treat to get to see him win!

  2. Good luck. A great idea to all band together to promote.

  3. 73 books! Wow, what a great idea for a promotion. Good luck to all the entrants!

  4. Very cool with all those books and a giveaway. I also love the beautiful banner.

  5. Hope this isn't a duplicate comment. Mine seems to have disappeared. Just wanted to say thanks for the giveaway. Love the banner.


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