We're on to the Gs

Friday, April 8, 2016

And we're on to the Gs.

Ghislaine (f)    sweet pledge, origin – French
Ginevra (f)       fair and sweet, origin – Welsh
Gizane (f)        Christ's incarnation, origin - Basque

Gaidrian (m)    of the night, origin – Greek
Gannon (m)     fair complexioned, origin – Irish
Giordan (m)     replacement for Jordan, origin – unknown

Any interesting G names for me?


  1. I met a French lady once called Ghislaine, it sounds lovely said in French.

  2. Gertrude comes to mind but that's a bit harsh. Gwen perhaps.


  3. Gannon. That would be a good, solid name.

  4. Genevieve comes to mind and Gabriel.

  5. Friends of mine named their daughter Gabriella. She's too cute! Thanks for sharing & have a great weekend. I’m following your social networks I can find & if you stop by me I hope you will do the same & follow me too. Hugs & have a great weekend. Nice to meet you!

  6. I like the sound of Gabriella. Of course, that would be shortened to Gaby. I often wonder why we just don't name kids the short version in the first place. Pete. Mike. Gabe.

  7. Gisselle? Gannon is nice from LIST. Or how about Gus?

  8. G is one of my favorite letters for names. Boys: Gray, Graydon, Grayson, Greer boy or girl, Graham boy or girl, Grigsby, Gerhardt, Gabe Garret

    Girls: Gabbie

  9. Some of my favorite G names are Ghisolabella, Giovanna, Giovanni, Gustella, Genevieve, and Gabriotto.


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