The Hs have it!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Today, were on to names that start with H. These are pretty easy on the tongue, but still have an exotic sound.

Hadassah (f)  Pronunciation hah-DAH-sah, from the myrtle tree, origin - Hebrew
Haleema (f)   Princess, patience, origin – Arabic
Hania (f)        Pronunciation HAHN-yah, gracious, origin – Hebrew/Polish

Hadley (m)   Pronunciation HAD-lee meadow of heather, origin – English
Hahn (m)      Rooser, origin – German
Hai (m/f)       Pronunciation - HAH-ee, coming from the sea, origin – Chinese

What H names d'you have to share today?


  1. These are all new H names to me. I'm just a Helen, Harriet, Herman kind of namer.

  2. I like Haleema; that is pretty sounding :) Henry comes to mind for an H name :)


  3. Have have always liked Hannah. Old fashion & sweet. Hadley is my favorite in LIST.

  4. Haleema is my friend's daughter

  5. My favorite H names include Helena, Heinrich, Henryk, Henry, Harold, Haakon, Hyacinth, Henrietta, and Honesty.

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  6. My dear friend and tennis partner when we lived in Minnesota was named Hilal. She's Turkish. It's pronounced hill-ALL.

  7. You've all shared the most interesting H names. Thanks!


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