So on to the Js ...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

So on to the Js.

Jael (f)       Mountain goat, origin – Hebrew
Janan (f)    Heart, soul, origin – Arabic
Jennigje     Shortened form of Johanna, origin Dutch

Jadranko (m)    Croatian, Serbian and Slovene variation of ADRIAN.
Jahleel (m)        God waits, origin - Hebrew
Jaidev (m)         Divine victory, origin - Indian

So what J names come to mind?


  1. Some of these J ones could be a mouthful :)

    I like Jonathan, James, and simply John


  2. Jared seems to be a rage these days.

  3. Joy, Joni, Jay, and Jeff--the names of my brothers and sisters. I was the only one in my family who was given a name that did not start with "J".

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  4. Not sure I'd want to name a character after a mountain goat.

  5. I love Jael! Jared, Jake, Jacob, Jeanette, Janine, Jello (Biafra), Juju....

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  6. Now I kinda want to name someone Jael. LOL! There are lots of J names out there.

  7. my brain's not quite working today, all can I think of is Jerry.

    thanks for your visit to my blog, have a lovely day.

  8. I've browsed all the A to Z posts. I think I like the idea of being called bean grower best. Wonderful knowledge base these names are. I am impressed.
    Visiting from A to Z.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing, ladies. I'm partial to J names myself.

  10. Have always liked the name Jael. Another name would be Juliah.

  11. Have always liked the name Jael. Another name would be Juliah.

  12. I've always been very fond of the Jul- names, like Julia, Julie, Julieanna, Juliet, and Julissa.

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