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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Queisha (f) Life/woman origin - Swahili/Arab
Quelita (f) Queen of Joy, origin  America
Quoba (f)   Good, origin  Australian/Aboriginal

Quillan (m) Cub     Irish
Quinn (m)   Wise    Celtic
Qusay (m)   Distant Arabic

What names do you like that start with Q?


  1. Queisha would always have me thinking about quiche :)

    I like Quincy :)


  2. I absolutely love Q names! Favorites include Quintina, Quintessa, Quintillia, Quintavia, Quadressa, Quentin, Quincy, Qiana, and Quirino.

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  4. Q Girls baby names beginning with the letter Q. If I have missed any, please add them. Q
    some names and their meanings:
    Quartilla :- Fourth-born child.
    Qubilah :- Harmony
    Queanbeyan :- Clear water.
    Queen, Queenie, Queena :- Queen or female companion
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