On With the Rs

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rachav (f)   Big baby, origin - Hebrew
Radomira (f) Famous, origin - Czech
Raelene (f)  Famous temptress, origin - Latin/French

Radomil (m)  One who loves peace, origin - Czech
Rafiq (m)    Kind, friend, origin - Arabic
Raja (m)     The stars, king, origin - Australian Aboriginal/Hindi

Let's see what S brings. What are your picks for R?


  1. Raja sounds princely to me :)

    Rachel and Rebecca are favorite R names


  2. Raymond, Rachel, Relena (from Gundam Wing anime).

  3. I like Regina (particularly with the hard G pronunciation used in Europe), Rivka, Rukmini, Rita, Riona, Rowena, Raina, Roland, and Russell.

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  4. Loads of R names I like Ruchira, Rachna, Rohini, Ravina, Roshni, all female names. Long names like Rituparno (m) and Rituparnaa (f) are also beautiful but are less suitable as fictional characters unless of course the readership is restricted to the same ethnic group.

    Raelene and Radomira both sound lovely. Rebecca is a great one too.

  5. Some interesting names here today, none of which I've ever heard.

  6. My dad's name was Russell and my brother was Russell Jr.

  7. I'll be honest, LOL, they're all a bit weird. That's only because I'm not sure how to pronounce any of them. For some reason I like Randy and Ruby. At least, today they're the only names that come to mind.


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