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Saturday, April 16, 2016

We're moving on to the next half of the Challenge, so here goes …

Naarah        Girl of my heart, origin – Hebrew
Nadifa         Born between seasons, origin – Somalian
Nailah         Successful, origin - Arabic
Nadine        Hope (didn't know that)

Noadiah       To meet with God, origin – Hebrew
Nui                Great, origin – Maori
Nye               Islander, origin - English

What will the Os bring? What N names d'you like. 


  1. Nadafi - born between seasons; I think that could mean having the best of both worlds with Winter dying down to a meekness and Spring bursting with new flower buds and returning birds.

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  2. I didn't know that about Nadine either with hope; that's another name not heard a lot these days, but pretty.

    Noah is a great N name :)


  3. I had a Nintal in my first and second books.

  4. Noor - Arabic, means light, Nupur (Indian, anklet), Neelam (Indian, sapphire), Nirmal/a (Pure,clean, untarnished) I like Nickolas and its variations, Naomi, Nora also. O is a tough one for names, can only think of Oliver and Owen :)

  5. All beautiful names. Now I have more options for my characters. ;)

  6. Neily, Neely, Nathan, Nicholas,Nigel, Niven, Nevis, Nolan, Nexxie, Nott, Nash

  7. Interesting! Noadiah makes sense. I don't know how the others got their meanings. I wonder, if we checked out meaning before we named our children, would we choose differently?
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  8. what a lovely list of names. I think I like Nailah a lot.

  9. I like Natalya, Naina, Nina, Novomira, Ninetta, Nixie, Nyx, Norbert, Norval, Nachum, Noam, and Nurit.

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