Bean Grower & Other 'F' Names

Thursday, April 7, 2016

My F names carry a range of sounds. I know someone by the name of Feechi, but didn't think to ask what it meant.

Fabienne   beautiful name for 'bean grower', origin - French
Falak (f)     Pronunciation FAAL-ahk, falcon, star, origin – German/Arabic
Feechi (f)  worship God, origin - African

Faddei (m)           brave, origin - Russian
Fadeyushka (m)  brave, origin – Ukranian
Faiion (m)            ruler, origin – ruler

Any interesting F names to share?


  1. I love the name Fallon for a girl. I also like the name Frances and Francesca for girls. I can't really think of any boy names that I like that begin with letter F. I'm sure they are some but they just aren't coming to me right now.

  2. Fenton, Frankie and Fench there I thought of some of the boy names I liked

  3. Feechi reminds me of Fiji! I love this post, I'm going to highlight it on my blog today. Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!! :)

  4. Ooh Fadeyushka is cool, though at first I thought of it as a girl's name.

  5. Uncommon names today, Fabienne is a lovely name. I like Fairuz (Arabic, female) meaning turquoise. Lots of male names starting with F in Arabic -Faisal, Farhan, Faizan.

    Fiona is also a name I like. Frances/Francis both and also Femi.


  6. If I ever had a daughter I wanted to call her Felicia. That didn't happen. Boys. Boys. Boys. So no Felicia.

  7. I like Fallon too, Melissa. Fench is a new one for me.

    Thanks, Jess!

    That they are, Alex.

    Yes, Kathryn, it does have a feminine ring to it.

    Nice Arabic names, Nilanjana

    Lee, you always manage to make me laugh.

  8. Those are some good names. Just straight up snatched Feechi to name my fertility witch in a certain wip. Will chat more on Twitter. Sorry blog but that's next week.

  9. My favorite F names include Frederick (in all its variations), Filipa, Flora, Flavia, Fulbert, Faustina, Fern, Fawn, Fyodor, Fortunata, and Ferdinand.

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