Meet the Valentine Hound Dog #VPK

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Valentine Pets & Kisses Boxed Set will be released on February 2 and features 14 All-New sweet romances by a range of talented authors. My novella, The Vet's Valentine Wish is included in the set. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come. 

Valentine Hound Dog (Excerpt) by Rachelle Ayala

Unfortunately, now that Connor was promoted to chief, he didn’t hang out as much anymore, which meant Larry was facing a Friday night with a TV dinner in front of a basketball game.

A piercing wind blew as he lifted the dumpster lid, threatening to blow it down. Larry held the lid with one hand and hefted the trash bag into it. Letting the lid slam, he turned toward the warmth of the building.

Something moved near the dumpster, darting behind it. Probably a rat. He should set traps, but not tonight. The wind whined and howled as he opened the door.

Another whine and something furry touched the back of his leg. It was a puppy, likely a basset hound, with a brown and black patchwork face and white paws.

“What’cha doing here, boy?” Larry bent down and held his hand out for the puppy to sniff. There was no collar, but the puppy appeared well groomed and plump. “Did you get lost?”
The puppy licked his hand, and Larry scooped him up. “I bet you’re hungry. Tomorrow I’ll put up a poster. See if anyone lost you.”

He rubbed the puppy’s head and long ears while the puppy licked his jowls and yawned. How could he resist such cuteness?

# # #

“I can’t believe I lost him,” Jenna cried on the phone to her sister, Melisa. “One minute, he was following me to your apartment building, and the next minute he disappeared.”

“Following you?” Melisa glanced at Rob who was driving her home from work. “Didn’t you have him on a leash?”

“The leash and collar were in the shopping bag. I don’t have five hands. I was carrying him and then when I got to the security door, I had to put him down to punch in the code.”
“Couldn’t you have set the bags down?”

“No, that little rascal would have stuck his nose in and stolen a chicken strip.”

“Rob and I are on our way. You stay put and we’ll help you look.”

“Okay, hurry. It’s getting dark, and he’s only a tiny little puppy. I’ve already run all around your building but no one’s seen him.”

“Maybe he went back home. Where did you get him?”

“The rescue center down near where you work. But there’s no way he could have made it back. He’s so tiny and there’s so much traffic.”

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  1. Thanks so much, Joy. I'm really excited about all the romances in the set.

  2. The excerpt is the perfect hook. How can I not resist reading more!?Of course, he's going to take great care of the puppy, but still poor Jenna. Congratulations, Joy!

  3. Thanks, Joylene. Glad you like what you read!


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